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Kalashtami Puja

This Shared Event has been completed.

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Kalashtami Special Ritual

Ashta Bhairava Maha Homam - Group Fire Ritual

Live Webcast Scheduled on Mar 31st, 2016 Thursday @4.30PM - 9.30PM IST

An all-night vigil is observed on Bhairava Ashtami with prayers, worship and tales of Bhairava, Shiva and Parvati being told.  Bhairava is an manifestation of Shiva's wrath. Bhairava is specifically worshipped for success, wealth, health and obstacle removal. A devotee is said to be freed of sin and the fear of death by observing Bhairava Ashtami.

On this holier Bhairavashtami Vedicfolks going to invoke all 8 forms of "Bhairava - The God Of Time" in agni and receiving 8 unique bestows of Lord Bhairavar.

Join with us in this very auspicious group worship by including your family sankalpam. It will help to attain peace of mind and good fortune in your lifespan.

Ashta Bhairava Maha Homam on Kalashtami Day One-and-Only at Vedicfolks.com. The Maha Havan of this Vedicfolks Premium Shared service includes all eight Bhairava's Japa and Homam (Fire Ritual).

Program Agenda:

Ganesha puja, Sankalpa to sponsors, Avahanams, Ashta Bhairava Japa (Moola mantra Japa for all the 8 forms of Bhairava), Agni Invocation, Ganesha Homam, Ashta Bhairava Homams (All the 8 forms of Lord Bhairava), Sri Suktham, Purna Huthi and Namaskaram process.

Benefits and Significance of Ashta Bhairava Maha Homam on Kalastami Day

The main benefit of performing Ashta Bhairava Maha Homam is to get relief from the misfortune things happening in one's life and also help to attain peace of mind and good nature.

Asithaanga Bhairava Homam

Asithaanga Bhairava Homam helps an individual to attain skill set in the way of creativeness.

Ruru Bhairava Homam

Performing Ruru Bhairava (Guru) Homam favour us in the path of improving the knowledge and wisdom in life.

Chanda Bhairava Homam

Chanda Bhairava Homam helps an individual to get courage and strength to fight against their competitor.

Kradha Bhairava Homam

Kradha Bhairava Homam provides energy to achieve massive victory in life.

Unmatha Bhairava Homam

Unmatha Bhairava Homam helps in controlling the negative talks which is very harmful and creates bad impact.

Kapaala Bhairava Homam

Performing Kapaala Bhairava Homam gives the way to think towards rewarding action and work which lead to achieve success in all aspects.

Bheeshana Bhairava Homam

Bheeshana Bhairava Homam helps to get rid-off from black magic, evil effects and other negative force influences to lead a peaceful life.

Samhara Bhairava Homam

At last, performing Samhara Bhairava Homam helps an individual to get recover from the past karma issues.

Dharbaranyeswara Temple Pooja:

Dharbaranyeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Tirunallar. This Temple also called as Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple. People who worshiping and offering puja here get remedy from Saturn Problem.

Prasadam Offered During Ashta Bhairava Maha Homam :

VenPongal is prepared as the Homam Prasad and it is offered to Lord Bhairava During Ashta Bhairava Maha Homam.

What will you receive?

    Kala Bhairava Yantra

    Dharbaranyeswara Temple Pooja and Prasad

    Homam prasad from yagya centre

Assistance from Vedic Folks

We at Vedic Folks are proud to possess the most authoritative experts who have the knowledge and ease to invoke these powerful radiations of all the eight (Ashta) forms of Bhairava who can bring all kind of fortunes in life by controlling the Time!

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Note: We accept four member sankalpam in a single family

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