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Living in God

Living in God 
(With Life-Enchancing Affirmations and Inspirational Quotations)

by Roy Eugene Davis        
ISBN(Hardbound): 8120815432
ISBN (Paperback): 8120815440
Price(Hardbound): 225.00 INR
Price (Paperback): 125.00 INR
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 1998
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Living in God:

Because only god exists and all souls are expressive aspects of God`s consciousness, we are living in God now. Until we are conscious of our true nature as spiritual beings abiding in God, It can be helpful to nurture aspiration to authentic spiritual growth, intentionally choose a wholesome lifestyle sustained by a clear sense of meaningful purpose, pray and mediate regularly, and frequently refresh the mind with constructive thoughts. The God-centered themes in this book will inspire and motivate readers to live skillfully and effectively for their highest good. The affirmations can be used to awaken and actualize soul qualities and provide awareness of possibilities for demonstrating excellence. Quotations selected from inspired sources supplement the theme pages.

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