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Narayana Kavacham Maha Homam

Narayana Kavacham Homa

Live Webcast On Oct 15 2016 From 6 Pm to 11 Pm IST    

Purattasi Month Signature Ritual from Vedicfolks 


Narayana Kavacham Homa will be performed by Vedicfolks on this Auspicious Purattasi Month Last Saturday.

This is very special to all of us because we are using the same mantra givento Lord Indra to defeat the fierce demon Vritrasura. So, it is a very rare and important event for you and your family members to get "Invincible Powers" from Absolute Truth Sriman Narayana himselves.

Narayana Kavacham Homa

Narayana Kavacham Homam is one among the most powerful homam as per the vedic scriptures. Lord Indra was preparing for battle against the fierce demon Vritrasura. Considering himself in no way a match for the powerful asura, Indra sought the protection from Narayana and thus was given the Narayana Kavaca mantras for his protection. "Kavaca" means shield, and thus by the recitation of such mantras and placing them on all the parts of his body, he became invincible and thus defeated the demon in battle.

The mantras that were given to Indra were extensive and it is evident from Srimad Bhagavatam that performing the Homam using this mantras will give abundant Success and prosperity equal to Lord Indra. Vedicfolks is performing the most powerful secret Narayana Kavacham  Homa with the Same mantra given to Indra to invoke Supreme Lord Narayana himselves.

"Nara" refers to all human beings, or all living entities for that matter; and "Ayana" means progress. So the progress of all living beings back to their origin, i.e. Narayana (one of many names for the Supreme Being) is considered to be the purpose of life. Due to elevated awareness, and the ability to distinguish truth from non-truth, or the eternality (Atma) from matter, human beings especially have the opportunity to return to Vaikuntha Narayana's abode.

Narayana Kavacham Homa

Narayana Kavacham Homa Significance 

1.Invincible Power and protection to you and your family from Lord Narayana himselves 
2.It removes all past life sins, Pitru dosha and Guru Dosha.
3.Abundance of Wealth and prosperity like that of Lord Indra
4.Elevated Spiritual wisdom and Guru's blessings
5.Removes Mercury dosha and Jupiter Dosha

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