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Puri Rath Yatra

Puri Rath Yatra: A Journey That Aids in the Path of Salvation 

The Puri Rath Yatra is celebrated on Dwitiya Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Ashada month. This year it’s being celebrated on July 14, 2018 with chariots of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva (also known as Balabhadra or Balarama) and Subhadra taken out in a procession on the day. The Rath Yatra is more than five thousand years old and Lord Jagannatha, the lord of the universe is worshipped along with his elder brother Lord Baladeva and younger sister Subhadra Devi. The spiritual significance of the event is that the human body represents rath and god is the driver or sarathi of our very existence. He drives the chariot or body on a journey of material existence or Bhavsagar. The wheels of the chariot signify valour and horses represent five disciplines one must have i.e., vigour, self-discipline, tolerance, charitable and discernment. The reins of the horses signify pity, equanimity and forgiveness. 

The real implication of the yatra is that a person submits himself entirely to the driver or sarathi (the lord himself) and by doing so, he is able to traverse the bonds that keeps him tied to material existence. It means to break the shackles of Bhavsagar and undertake a journey of salvation. 

A Unique Ritual that Bestows Blessings of Lord Vishnu & Mother Shakti

Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra Homa

Accomplish Everlasting Prosperity, Perpetual Victory & Ultimate Moksha

Scheduled Live On July 14, 2018 @ 6 PM IST 

Lord Jagannath, A Rare Form Of Lord Vishnu That Grants Moksha

Lord Jagannath is a unique form of lord Krishna that manifested in Puri, Orissa. He is the embodiment of Para Brahma or the complete centre of all powers of earth.  The lord has a charming persona and is described as the most merciful of all gods. He forgives his devotees easily for their misdeeds and offences. He steers his devotees towards spirituality and cleanses their previous karma and grants Moksha. In fact, Lord Jagannath appeared on earth in a place called Purushottama Kshetra (Puri) as Neela Madhav along with Goddess Lakshmi for this purpose. So, whoever sees the lord in the form of Neela Madhav or Jagannath will attain Moksha instantaneously. But yama did not approve of this because if everyone attains Moksha then what about their karma, as they need to be punished for the bad deeds, he felt. So Neela Madhav disappeared and took form as Jagannath along with Baladev and Subhadra. 

Lord Baladev Destroys Evil Forces, Granst Material Wealth

Lord Baladev is a symbol of strength. He is a role model for everyone to look upon. As Kamsa was killing all of Devaki’s children, this seventh child of Devaki was transferred by Lord Vishnu to the womb of Rohini. Therefore baladev is Lord Krishna’s brother in all respects. An ideal son, brother and husband, Lord Baladev instils a sense of duty, simplicity and honesty in his devotees. He showers his devotees with material wealth. 

He protects everyone from evil forces, destroys evil forces like demons Dehuka and Kamsa. It may be known that kamsa is lord Krishna’s uncle who wanted his nephew to die because he was a threat to his life.

Subhadra Devi, One of the 16 Expansions of Yogamaya 

Subhadra Devi played a vital role in Mahabharat for she is an important member of Kuru dynasty. She is half-sister of Krishna, wife of Arjuna and mother of Abhimanyu. She is considered the incarnation of Bhuvaneswari or Shakti. There’s a verse in Srimad Bhagavatam which says that the daughter born to Nanda and Yasoda, Sri Krishna’s foster parents was indeed Yogamaya. There’s also a reference to Lord Krishna saying that in the material world his Yogamaya potency will be known as Durga, Bhadra-Kali, Vijaya, Vaishnavi etc. 

Subhadra, the Yogamaya is a spiritual energy that has 16 expansions of which Subhadra is one. The Mahamaya is the material energy and both Yogamaya and Mahamaya are very important to Lord Krishna. Therefore, Subhadra Devi is Mahamaya, Yogamaya and ‘bhakti-swarupa’ as she exhibits pure loving devotion towards her brother Krishna and Baladeva.

Achieve Material Prosperity & Perpetual Victory with combined rituals to Lord Jagannath, Baladev & Subhadra

The Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra homa brings unity in the family especially among siblings. It washes off sins and grants material comforts to the devotee. The homa checks your misdeeds and will make you dutiful and honest. 

All types of evil forces and effects of sorcery and witchcraft can be destroyed. Love and understanding within the family will flourish. It also helps to gain power and strength and also bolsters marital relationships.  The homa also paves way for Moksha, the ultimate goal of every individual. It also ensures material prosperity and victory in all your undertakings.


A ritual that strengthens bond in the family especially among brothers and sisters
Achieve Moksha with this homa that celebrates the unique form of Vishnu, Lord Jagannath. 
Ensure victory in all your ventures with this special ritual
Get blessings of material wealth so that all your financial snags are removed.

Divine Ceremonies Add Power to Jagannathi, Baladev & Subhadra Homam

Gayatri Mantra Chanting Protects From Harm & Grants Knowledge 

Gayatri Mantra Chanting

It is a very sacred chant that reveals the unity that underlies the multiplicity of creation. This chant is the essence of the Vedas and it sharpens knowledge-yielding facility. This is a great prayer for nourishment, protection and finally liberation. The Gayatri mantra removes all obstacles in path to spiritual growth and increased wisdom.  It protects you from harm in whatever situation you may be in, improves power of speech and abolishes ignorance. In Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, ‘Among All Mantras, I Am Gayatri’

Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam Helps Achieve Goals in Life 

Chanting of the one thousand names of Lord Vishnu is so auspicious that it provides both material and spiritual benefits. It activates the Sahasrara Chakra, blesses with good fortune, and helps to achieve goals in life, professionally and personally. It removes obstacles and problems, aspires the devotee to be successful. You get enlightened to become virtuous, devoted and follow the path of righteousness. The ultimate benefit of reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama is that it paves way for Moksha.

Parthasarathy Temple Pooja Bestows Happiness And Wedding Boon

Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra Homa - Parthasarathy Temple PoojaThe temple is one of the 108 Divya Desam (Holy abodes) and the main deity Lord Parthasarathy is seen with moustache symbolising his role as a charioteer of Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war.  The most benevolent of all, the deity has marks on the face that was caused by Bheeshma’s arrows. A Puja in this temple grants blessings of happiness and prosperity. It also bestows wedding and child boon to the devotee.

Energised Lord Jagannath, Baladev And Subhadra Statue Ensures Your Wellness & Prosperity

Lord Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra is a novelty item that can be kept anywhere in your home. It can be kept in your show case, puja altar or any other clean space and be worshipped everyday. Lord Jagannath and his siblings will bless you with prosperity and glory all your life. He’s the most merciful and kind and with this beautiful statue adorning your homes, you are blessed to the fullest.

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