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Shani Jayanti Puja Zoom

Shani Jayanti Puja

Shani Jayanthi

Saturn Yagya Wards Off Negativity And Eases Losses 

Scheduled live on 25th May, 2017 @6 AM IST

his event has been completed.
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Saturn — The Most Dreaded Planet Of The Solar System

If there’s one factor in one’s natal charts that needs to be feared, then it’s the effect of the awful Saturn or Shani. A yagya or homa invoking the planet on Shani Jayanthi keeps all bad omens away. It is said that the dreadful planet was born in the Jyeshta or Vaigasi (Tamil) month on an Amavasya or new moon day. This year it falls on 25th May, 2017. 

Saturn creates most of negative influences when placed in certain positions of the horoscope. The planet has got a mystery about it and said to be slow, rigid, fearful and invariable.  

The Impact Of Karma On Saturn

A Saturn that is weak in one’s chart indicates laziness, fear and phobia. A Saturn that is favourable allows the person to be true, trustworthy and honest. A person with this planet’s influence keeps many things hidden and lives a secluded life. Saturn destroys the house it occupies, except if positioned in the seventh house, where it receives directional strength and any other houses it positions or any planet it conjoins or positions with. When well placed it gives its natives integrity, wisdom, spirituality, fame, patience, ability to lead, authority, long life, organisational abilities, sincerity, honesty, love of justice and awareness of right and wrong. 

Saturn rules the direction west, Saturday is its day, black its colour and blue sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn. Saturn rules number 8 in Indian numerology. Shani as such is not as bad as it seems. It’s our own karma that makes it malefic, because it takes power from one’s own bad karma and gives results accordingly. 

Why Shani Homam On Shani Jayanthi

This day is quite special for people whose horoscopes are inflicted by Shani dosha. Rituals and religious ceremonies relieve the Saturn inflicted persons from all types of distresses caused by malefic Saturn. Yagyas also keeps off the terrible influence of witchcraft, black magic and other negativities.  He is ready to help other if he is satisfied with the rituals and gives results according to Karma of the individual. 

The procedure for Shani homam on Shani Jayanthi involves kalasa avaganam that is bringing the powers of Saturn to a kalasa or energised pot filled with aromatic water and covered with coconut and other decorations.  By chanting mantras with sanctity and devotion, the deities’ powers are felt and thereby he is formally invited to the ceremonies dedicated in His name. 

Haridra Ganapathi Puja - Fulfils All Wishes

Before the start of the Shani homam, a Haridra Ganapathi puja is carried out for getting rid of all financial problems and is considered a tantric puja. Haridra is one of the 32 forms of Ganesha and made of turmeric paste. Therefore his appearance is golden and has a serene look. It’s auspicious to start off in this manner because besides bringing prosperity and success, Lord Ganesh fulfils all wishes.  

Maha Sankalpam – Surrendering To The Lord

It is an initiation procedure for the sponsors of the homa by the priest. It describes the entire lineage of the sponsors or devotees and purifies them and vows that the entire procedure be completed with utmost commitment and dedication. Also, that which is being offered in the yagya has to reach the right place, so the receivers and the senders’ names are uttered along with a description of his family lineage.    

Shaneeswarar Abhishekam - Removes Sins, Boosts Health

Abhishekam is a custom by which priests and other Vedic experts pour libations such as tender coconut water, milk, ghee, honey etc., on idols or images of deities amidst chanting of mantras. In Shaneeswarar abhishekam, these religious offerings are slowly decanted on the idol of Saturn by chanting mantras thereby seeking the Lord’s blessings.  Every item chosen for the process has a specific benefit for e.g. pouring milk removes all sins. Sandal paste increases luck and gets good luck. Tender coconut water provides overall wellness to the family. Smearing panchamruthum (a mixture of five divine ingredients like fruits, jaggery, ghee, honey and lump sugar candy) on the idol not only keeps one in good health but also increases the status of wealth. 

Shani Japam And Homam — Significance And Merits

This ritual is performed to satisfy and cool the infamous planet and get his blessings so that its strong effects can be minimised or eliminated to a large extent. It is said a when this planet is malefic in the natal charts, even a king may lead a life of a beggar. So, rituals minimise the strong negative effects and also fulfil desires of people. The planet also bestows good luck, prosperity and peace. Rituals and ceremonies also pave way for uninterrupted all round progress both personally and professionally. 

Benefits Of Saturn Homam

Eradicate poor health and diseases
Get rid of losses in business
Do away with all malefic effects of Saturn in horoscope
To usher in prosperity, good health and peace 
All losses in income can be overcome
Gain authority, power and stability

Dharbaranyeswara Temple Puja

This popular shrine is dedicated to Saturn and is situated in Thirunallar in Karaikal, Union Territory of Pondicherry. Though the planet god is very famous here, the presiding deity here is Dharbaranyeswara, Lord Shiva self manifested in the form of a Linga. The place once was a forest of Dharba grass, hence the name Dharbaranyeswara. It is strongly believed that during the troublesome period of seven and a half years when the Planet Saturn colonises a particular Zodiac sign, a puja in this temple wards off all malefic effects and provides succour for the affected person. 

Saturn Transit Report

Get hold of a free Saturn transit report for your moon sign. Saturn now resides in Dhanus Rasi and will return to Vrischika rasi on June 21 and will remain there till October 26. Since this is a major transit of an important graham, it will have a bearing on all 12 rashis. Also, natives of all rasis will experience transformations not only at the personal but also social, ethical and political levels. 

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