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Suresvara`s Vartika on Asva

Suresvara`s Vartika on Asva and Asvamedha Brahmana  
by Shoun Hino  /   K. P. Jog    
ISBN(Hardbound): 8120806433, 9788120806436
Price(Hardbound): 250.00 INR 
Pages: xviii + 110
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 1990
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Suresvara`s Vartika on Asva and Asvamedha Brahmana:

These two Brahmanas are actually Suresvara`s exposition of Sankara`s Bhasya on the first chapter of the Brhadaranyakopanisad. They form a sequal to his almost independent treatise, The Sambandhavartika, wherein he has dwelt upon the doctrine that ritual is also useful to one in one`s effort to attain lineration for it purifies first the intellect and then the individual self, thereby paving way to the rise of the knowledge about the reality to liberation.


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