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The Rahu Ketu Experience

The Rahu Ketu Experience 
Everything you wanted to know about Rahu & Ketu 

by Prash Trivedi       
ISBN(Paperback): 0081950049, 9780081950049
Price(Hardbound): 325.00 INR
Price (Paperback): 225.00 INR
Pages: xxii, 392
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2012 
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About The Rahu Ketu Experience:

Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the moon, are probably the most interesting, profound and mysterious of all planetary influences in Vedic astrology. As the dragon's head and the dragon's tail of western astrological thought the two nodes represent powerful psychic forces beyond our personal control or understanding .

They deal with the secret, hidden, eccentric, spiritual or perverse sides of life-the higher and lower ranges of human activity beyond the normal scope covered by the seven major planets.The nodes are closely connected to world events and global trends-the broader streams of destiny and the collective influences that can overwhelm our personal karma, including destructive occurrences like wars or plagues.

They are also key indicators of future social developments. For example, the mass media relates to Rahu, which represents new, popular and expansive trends, while much of the cutting edge of science and technology, like computers, relates to Ketu, which represents insight, precision and unlocking the secrets of nature. In this regard Rahu and Ketu have a place in Vedic astrology similar to that of the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in western astrology which are also used for collective phenomenon.

Rahu comes from the Sanskrit root' rah' meaning to hide and refers to what is secret, mysterious and profound or a cave. Rahu obscures or protects and indicates Maya, which is not only illusion but also any magical power or captivating knowledge. Ketu comes from the root 'ci' meaning to highlight, appear or become consciousness or a flag.Prash Trivedi offers what is probably the longest, most researched and most original book on Rahu and Ketu published in modern times. He has studied the classics thoroughly and understands the ancient symbolism of the nodes, which he explains with great lucidity. But he is no mere repeater of old information. Like a research scientist who carefully examines all the data before drawing any new conclusions, he adds important new insights based upon his own experience which expands the range of traditional meanings in order to cover modern conditions today. He has examined the role of the nodes in numerous charts, several of which are highlighted as important examples in the book, and is not simply indulging in unfounded speculation when he introduces his opinion into the text.

In the Rahu-Ketu Experience, Trivedi reveals himself as one of the most promising young writers on Vedic astrology coming out of India today. He is also easily one of the best Indian writers on Vedic astrology in an English idiom. Though there are many good new books on Vedic astrology coming out of India recently, unfortunately most are poorly written and hard to understand for westerners. Though born and raised in India, Trivedi's style is not traditionally Indian, but quite clear and contemporary almost as if written by an American. His mind reflects a global perspective not bound to any limited cultural sphere.

Most notably, Trivedi combines a deep spiritual view along with practical methods of chart interpretation in a remarkably balanced approach that will be of interest both to nuts and bolts predictive astrologers and those for whom the spiritual and mystical side is most important. The Rahu-Ketu Experience is worthy of serious examination by all students of Vedic astrology and all those interested in the great mysteries of life, death, karma and transformation. We look forward to many more such books from the author in the coming years. 

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