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Get Eternal Bliss By Worshipping Nine Forms Of Goddess Durga on Ugadi


Tackles Evil From All Directions, Controls Bad Effects Of Karmic Sins & Blocks Planetary Afflictions
Scheduled live on March 18, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

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Navadurga are the nine forms worshipped together by the admirers of Goddess Shakti. Though scriptures differ in naming them, the most widely accepted forms have been mentioned. They bestow upon the people various boons that are so special to their individual aspects.

Sailaputri – Purest Form of Goddess Durga
Brahmacharini – Endows With Marital Bliss & Moksha
Chandraghanta – Battles Evil From All Directions
Kushmanda – Gives Strength, Courage during Adversity
Skanda Mata – Get Rewards Of Salvation, Power, Prosperity 
Katyayani – Ready To Confront Evil All The Time 
Kalaratri – Allays Fears & Protects From Darkness
Maha Gowri – Washes Away Past, Present, Future Sins
Siddhidayini – Grants Wisdom and Insight

Durga Saptashati Month: A Time To Revere The Ever-Powerful Goddess

Durga Saptashati Month is a very auspicious month to invoke the powers of Goddess Durga. It’s also a time when Vasanth Navaratri is celebrated glorifying the ever-powerful goddess. It falls in the Tamil month of Masi (mid Feb-mid Mar). Saptashati are the 700 verses of Devi Mahatmyam that when recited during the navaratris (there are four in a year) gives strength, great mental balance, bliss and success. Also, performing rituals to Nava Durga during this month bring to you blessings aplenty like keeping bad energies away, controlling bad effects of karma, fulfilling your desires, etc.

Significance of Worshipping Navadurga on Ugadi 

The three main forms of Shakti, Maha Saraswathi, Maha Lakskmi and Maha Kali were evolved from Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara respectively. Each of these deities gave rise to three more forms and therefore nine forms manifested known as Navadurga. Each of these goddesses has their respective governing planet, mantras for invocation, dyana etc. on the auspicious day of Ugadi, they in their combined form bless you with wealth and eradicate diseases. Also, effects of planets, including sarpa dosha that occurs due to rahu-ketu positions in chart are nullified. These gods grant jaya or victory, ensure peace and prosperity and also gives blessing of a successful marriage. 

Shailaputri Purest Form of Goddess Durga
She was born to the king of mountains, Hemavana and hence got the name Parvathi or Shailaputri where Parvat or Shaila means Mountain. She is the purest embodiment of Durga and the mother of nature. She holds a louts blossom that represents purity and devotion and her trident represents past, present and future.

Brahmacharini - Endows With Marital Bliss & Moksha
Parvati in her previous birth was Sati who sacrificed her life after she and her husband were insulted by her father Daksha. The lord never wanted to marry after Sati left him and therefore Parvati performed severe penance and earned the name Brahmacharini, a woman of celibacy. But Lord Brahma restored her physical identity as that of a beautiful damsel. Her worship is conducive to penance, renunciation, virtue and nobility and get reward of peace and prosperity.

Chandraghanta - Battles Evil From All Directions
The goddess has a crescent-shaped ornament on her crown, hence the name. Her supreme grace removes sins, distresses, physical sufferings, mental tribulations and hurdles of the ethereal kind. The mother, who’s compassionate and kind, terminates evil quickly and ensures that her devotees achieve success in every walk of life. 

Kushmanda - Gives Strength, Courage during Adversity
Kushmanda dwells in the abode of sun god. Therefore her splendour pervades every living being – from most minute vegetation to a gigantic creature. Kushmanda where ku is little, ushma is warmth or energy and anda is egg i.e., little cosmic egg. She produces the cosmos in the shape of the egg, also known a creator of the whole universe. She is Adi Shakti and the only one who can tackle the intense heat of the sun. She has eight arms (ashtabhuja) of which in one she hold a garland that bestows eight siddhis and nine niddhis. Her worship eliminates ailments and sorrows, checks malefic Sun in horoscope and improves fame, lifespan, strength and health. Pray to her with a purified mind and intellect, she grants pleasures and puts one on the path to prosperity.

Skanda Mata -
Get Rewards Of Salvation, Power, Prosperity

The mother of Skanda or Karthikeya is always ready to fulfill desires of devotees. By worshipping her one attains all the achievements and treasures of life. It also purifies the heart and one is twice blessed. Worshipping her without any selfish motive leads to power, prosperity and salvation. It also means that you get the blessings of Skanda because he’s seen seated on her lap. So, cut off your worldly ties and worship this divine mother with dedication as she takes care of you as her own child and removes all obstructions for you. 

Katyayani - Ready To Confront Evil All The Time
She is a mother that grants all boons. She was born to Sage Kaatyaayana who was an ardent devotee of Mother Durga. He performed severe penance for many years to propitiate her. She got the name because she was born to sage kaatyaayana.  It was the sage’s desire that the mother be born as his child. She took the form to destroy the demon Mahishasura. She grants everything to her admirers. It is said that the gopikas of Brindaban worshipped her on the banks of Yamuna to beget Lord Krishna as their consort. She can be easily pleased with deep devotion and destroys all sins of devotees. By worshipping her one can be sure to be blessed with wealth, pleasures, dharma and salvation. 

Kalaratri - Allays Fears & Protects From Darkness
Very strange and gory in appearance, Kalaratri is a fierce form of Goddess Durga. She is cruel and dark and has manifested to show that there’s a dark side of life. She has three eyes and the one on the forehead is huge as big as the universe. The goddess breathes out dreadful flames of fire making her look resplendent in spite of her dark appearance. She bestows boons on her devotees and therefore called Shubhankari the one who brings about the welfare of her devotees. She wipes off sins, distresses and turmoil. 

Maha Gowri - Washes Away Past, Present, Future Sins
she is fair and wears robes of white and also for the fact that she is a luminous beauty. Worshipping her washes away all past, present and future sins and transmits a deep sense of inner peace. She is also called Shwetambhara Devi and presents a picture of purity, serenity and tranquillity. She rides a white bull and therefore called Vrisharudha. She governs Planet Rahu. She is the 16-year-old unmarried form of Goddess Parvati. She puts an end to all sufferings of devotees, and is often compared with the moon, conch and jasmine flowers. 

Siddhidayini - Grants Wisdom and Insight
The last and final form of Navadurgas, Siddhidayini is the supreme goddess of wisdom, power and energy. She is worshipped by the demons and also demi gods. She emerged from the left side of Lord Shiva as Adi Parashakti did not have a form of her own and got the name Siddhidayini. She fulfills the wishes of her devotees and bestows them with intellect. She also provides siddhis to her devotees and Lord Shiva got his spiritual intellect from her.

Remove All Sins from Life & Get Financial Stability with Navadurga Homam 

Navadurga Homa is very special for fulfilling your cherished dreams, removing evil curses, known or unknown sins, or any other such ill effects. The ritual removes obstacles, revenges of wandering spirits, invisible evil forces. It ushers in health, wealth, prosperity, financial stability, longevity, fertility and children, success in married life, education and fame, strength, fortune, removal of fear and danger. It also keeps off detrimental thoughts, malefic effects of all planets especially Rahu and Ketu.

The following ceremonies have also been included for added power on the day:-

Navadurga Moola Mantra Chanting Blesses You With Abundant Wealth 

The Navadurga Moola Mantra chanting has nine-fold benefits.

It keeps one out of danger
Prosperity, good health, abundant wealth
It bestows beauty, kindness of soul and body
Brings prosperity and abundance into one’s life
Grants peace of mind and heart & keeps loves one close and secure
Eliminates all negative forces
Removes obstacles, supernatural effects created by others
Happiness and enlightenment
Brings positive change in your life

Durga Ganapathi puja
It is best suited for removing doshas and material attachments. It helps conquer enemies, fear of death, and mental exertions. It also ensures planetary positions don’t come in way of your success. It cures illness in an effective manner. It reduces extreme worries and complex problems. 

Durga Sookta Homam
This is a very powerful homa that removes obstacles and negative forces that surround you. It also removes physical and mental problems and offers success in all ventures. It ensures victory and prosperity in life. It eradicates negative energy, black magic and evil eye. You will not face money shortages thereby giving you financial stability. It also grants peace and prosperity.

Kanaga Durga Temple Puja

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the temple is situated in the sacred land of Kanchipuram. She is considered as the guardian deity of Kanchipuram. The self-manifested (swayambu) idol of the goddess has immense powers. Goddess Durga symbolises triumph of goodness over evil. She took form to protect devotees, to safeguard them against evil forces. She is the combined form of powers of Goddess Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswathi. Even negative forces within you like prejudice, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, arrogance and selfishness are removed by worshipping her.

Energised Durga Yantra

The divine Durga Yantra triggers your courage so that you can find success in all your undertakings. It acts as a shield to protect you from any setbacks. The energies of the yantra emit positivity and also thwart efforts of enemies to bring your skills to limelight. It puts an end to all sufferings and struggles. It cuts off negativity that impedes your happiness. it boosts your morale, grants fighting qualities, fulfills desires and grants blessings of material prosperity.

Energised Sri Chakra Pendant

Sri Chakra pendant attracts wealth, grants happiness, and all comforts you want. It’s a lucky charm that keeps your fortunes riding high and your path to progress obstacles-free. The geometric patterns of the yantra are a powerhouse of energy and the hot seat of Goddess Lakshmi. She bestows you with all types of prosperity that you want for a lifetime.

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