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Vedic New Year

Rarest Of Rare Rituals To Goddess of Universe on

Vedic New Year 2019

Brings Profound Victory, Eliminates all Major Karmic Issues & Hard Sins Committed for Seven Janma (Births)

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The Vedic New Year, 2019, also called the Tamil New Year marks the vernal equinox when the earth’s equator passes through the centre of the sun. This occurs twice a year during the months of March and September and the duration of days and nights are almost equal.  the vedic new year falls in the month of Chithrai on April  14 to be precise. This is also celebrated as Mesha Sankranti when the Sun enters the zodiac sign Mesha or Aries.

Goddess Sarva Shakti – Personification of Supreme Force & Compassion 

Shakthi personifies power, strength and energy that’s the primitive source needed to sustain all forms of creation. This universal spirit manifests itself in multitude of forms that encompasses and supplements unique traits such as supremacy, beauty, might, fear and compassion. Come Vedic New Year, it’s only appropriate to celebrate this great feminine energy and her multiple forms through the Maha Shakthi Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homam. What are the hidden secrets of this great form and how she came into existence and how all other forms including the supreme trinity gods arrived has been revealed in the in the Vedas in the Devi Mahatmyam which is possibly the greatest book of prayers to the Shakthi in her role as Chandi. Also known as Rahasya Thrayam that is divided into three separate prayers. The first reveals how Goddess Mahalakshmi was the primordial goddess who also represents the three main feminine forms namely Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Each of these goddesses created a suitable pair a male and female. These are the trinity gods and their respective wives.

This exceptional ritual also reveres Sakambari Devi, Uma, Gauri, Sathi, Chandika, Kalika, Brahmari and Parvathi, some of the most pervading forms of the universal goddess. 

Maha Sakthi Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa

Scheduled LIVE on April 14, 2019 @ 6 PM IST

The Essence of Rahasyalu – Powerful, Divine Method for Achieving Victory 

Mantras are sacred verses and tantras are divine techniques used to invoke powerful deities since Vedic times. The rahasyalu mantras are so controlling that the kings of ancient times used them to protect their kingdom and boundaries. It brought them victory in all spheres of life. The Rahasyalu Homa mantras help you get rid of hard core sins that you have accumulated for seven births. It solves all major karmic issues, eradicates negativity and brings blessings of almost all forms of Maha Sakthi.

Maha Shakti Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa - Eradicates Hard Sins, Fulfills Wishes

Paying great reverence to the divine Shakti in her capacity of Loka Maya, a great illusion that constitutes apparent reality, a fierce power that destroys all that exists, pervades all three worlds and who is also an embodiment of knowledge. This Vedic New Year, Vedicfolks pays tribute to Goddess Maha Shakti, the great enchantress, the one who eats away ignorance, the one who is thirsty for devotion of her devotees and the one who gives you a pleasure-filled life.  In her capacity to transform herself into varying roles of Mahavidya, Mahavani, Bharathi, vak Saraswathi, Brahmi with special blessings to grant, let this Vedic New Year be the right time to achieve all her different types of boons to the maximum with the powerful Mantra Tantra Rahasya Homa.

Benefits of Maha Sakthi Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homam

Fulfills all your wishes
Removes major karmic issues
Stamps out hard sins of seven births
There’s no dearth of food supplies 
Protection from all types of dangers
Gain superior knowledge and intellect
• Eliminates sins of seven births
Remove all doshas and planetary conflictions

Here are the other Added Auspicious Rituals for the day

Suktha Amrita Chakra Puja Prolongs Life & Keeps You In Good Health

Maha Shakti Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa - Suktha Amrita Chakra PujaVery close to the Bindu chakra is the pineal gland where the Suktha Amritha chakra is situated and it emits a hormone that is the elixir of youth. It has the power of immortality and is also called ‘Sanjivini Bhuti’. By producing this nectar we prolong our life and enjoy perfect health. This is how ancient sages or rishis prolonged their life and some of them are said to live to this day. The Sukta Amrita chakra secretes the elixir of life and Vedic experts say that Paramatma is responsible for this. The chakra situated at the top most point above the Bindu chakra is the abode of Lord Krishna. His divine melody from the flute helps the flow of amrita and this nectar gives power to the atma or activates our prana shakthi.   This energy is required to sustain life or keep the universe going.  This puja helps to balance your life and provides that biological energy needed to sustain it in an efficacious manner.

Rahasya Traya Pradana Devata Moola Mantra Homa Removes Sufferings  

Maha Shakti Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa - Rahasya Traya Pradana Devata Moola Mantra Homa

It venerates Goddess Chandika who is the pradana devata in this ritual. The goddess provides cure for all illnesses, overpowers enemies, destroys obstacles and sees that you attain success in all your tasks. She also eradicates negativity and all sufferings that you encounter in life. She ensures your prosperity, good health and wealth. This ritual also invokes Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi as athidevata and pratyathidevata. In ‘Devi Mahatmyam’ the sacred verses, there are references to the three goddess taking varying forms to kill demons. So, they are also invoked in the Rahasya Traya Pradana Devata Moola Mantra Homa.

Ratri Sukta Parayana Homa Protects, Destroys Enemies 

Ratri Suktham is from the Rig Veda and also called the Hymn of the Night.  It praises Shakthi, describes her powers and glorifies her special attributes. She grants bliss, peace and she is the timeless night for both mortals and immortals. The sacred verse addresses to the problem of fear of night and provides protection for all. It also helps to get rid of nightmares, sleeplessness at night. Memorising the suktham and reciting it before going to sleep at night is beneficial.  This chant aids in destroying enemies, makes us trouble free and gives happiness, peace and prosperity. 

Mangadu Kamakshi Amman Temple Puja ensures excellent marriage prospects

Maha Shakti Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homam - Mangadu Kamakshi Amman Temple Puja

Mangadu Kamakshi Amman Temple is situated near Chennai suburbs, the kamakshi ammaan temple in mangadu is called so because of mango groves that once dotted the area. According to legend, Goddess Kamakshi performed severe penance on the panchagni while she rested her left leg on fire while the other she folded and Lord Shiva appeared before her. He satisfied her wish and married her in this divine location in Kanchipuram. but the heat of her penance became so unbearable to the people that Adi Shankaracharya visited the place and installed the Ardhameru Chakra here. The chakra adorns the main sanctum sanctorum and pujas are performed to this divine instrument every day. Mother Kamakshi blesses her devotees with prosperity, happy marriage and child boon. A Puja in this temple also makes sure good employment opportunities for all.

Energised Maha Meru Creates Unlimited Wealth & Spreads Positivity 

Maha Shakti Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homam - Energised Maha Meru

Goddess Shakti is personified or represents the Maha Meru. It is believed all deities manifested from this great seat of power and the Mother herself resides in the form of Shri Vidya at the top of the Meru. It blesses the devotee with popularity, power, authority, peace, a lavish life, abundance and success. It is very useful to the Kali yuga as the yantra spreads positivity and good fortune. The universe is contained in three states – creation, maintenance and destruction, and represented by three circles in the Maha Meru. When it is elevated it looks like the Sumeru Mountain that balances the whole universe. The Meru grants blessings of Ashta Siddhis. With the Meru in hand, one can have assurance to overcome evil, to create unlimited wealth, health, good karma and happiness. 

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