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Akash Bhairava Temple Puja

Akash Bhairava Temple Puja- Protect from Negativities, Evil Effects, attain Good Health, Joy and Happiness

Akash Bhairava Temple at Indrachowk in Kathmandu, Nepal. This temple is Palace of the Kiranti King Yalambar (first king of Nepal). Lord Akash Bhairava is regarded as the 'God of Sky' & symbolizes goodwill and protection. People believed that worshipping of the Bhairava gives a protection and power. Akash Bhairav (NepalBhasa) is one of the different forms of Bhairava. He is known as King Yalambar in History of Nepal, as Barbarika in Mahabharata. The temple is supposed to have been a palace of the first king of Nepal, Kiranti King Yalambar around 3100–3500 years back. The head of the Lord Aakash Bhairav was dug up several hundred years ago in Kathmandu. It is taken out once a year on the occasion of Auspicious Yenya Festival and blessed by the Kumari, the living goddess.  This ceremony is held in the month of August and September. During the festival, large number of worshippers come to visit this temple. They offer Peda, flowers, money and several others things.Followers from all over the world come to Kathmandu to be a part of the important pooja rituals performed during this time of the year.Akash Bhairav is one of the different forms of Bhairava. Devotees offer prayers with the combined blessing bestowed with enormous wealth, peace, harmony and never ending prosperity, eliminating all bad and evil effects and negativeness from planetary positioning, free from disease and bad bondage's.


  • Attain Self-Consciousness, Self-Empowerment, Self-Attainment
  • Bless with Cosmic Purity, Protect from evil effects, restore good health and happiness
  • Remove Past Sins of Seven Previous Life, fear of death, Bless Long Life
  • Attain Divine Knowledge, Enrich Power of Creativity, Incomparable Ideas
  • Protect from Negativities, Evil Effects, attain Good Health, Joy and Happiness
  • Fulfill Life desires, remove friction from bondages, bless Abundance, Peace and harmony

Temple Opening Time

Morning 6.00 AM to 12.30 PM

Evening: 1.00 PM to 4.00 PM

Temple Puja
Akash Bhairav Puja


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