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Akshayapureeswarar temple

Sani Baghwan (planet Saturn) graces in the temple facing south with His consorts Mandha and Jeshta in wedding form.Poosam starrers are advised to perform abishek to Sani Bhagwan (planet Saturn) with eight objects as oil, panchamirtham, punugu a cosmetic paste, green coconut, milk, curd etc. 

They also have to circumambulate the shrine eight times.The adage goes that Poosa Padan brings friendship.  Padan denotes Saturn.  When his leg was affected, Saturn worshipped Akshaya Purreswarar in the temple.  This star is eighth in the list of 27 stars.  

Hence, they are advised to pray here on the star day or on the Akshaya Tthritiya day falling in the month of April-May for gaining all prosperity and health in life.  Even if the impact of Sani aspect would be severe, this prayer would help reduce the intensity of adverse look of the planet.

Besides those belonging to Poosam star praying for removal of planetary afflictions, those handicapped and those suffering from leg pain and those facing obstacles in wedding proposals throng the temple for remedy

We at templefolks Performs Puja in your sankalpa in Akshayapureeswarar Temple for Continuous Seven Weeks which will provide you the Continuous Bleesings.


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