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Alangudi Abathsahyeswarar Temple Puja

Alangudi Abathsahyeswarar Temple Puja - Solve Jupiter(Guru) and Marriage Related Issues
Alangudi Guru temple is an ancient temple is located in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. Alangudi is the holy abode & a divine place of Lord Jupiter. Lord Shiva is manifested here in the form of Lord Guru (Lord Dakshinamurthy). He is worshipped here as Guru Bhagwan. A special puja at the Guru Sthalam on Transit days of planet Jupiter from one zodiac sign to the next is more benefic for solving Jupiter-Guru related issues, remove obstacles in marriage talks & achieving excellence in career.Auspicious GuruPeyarchi, Masi Magam in the month of(March, Chitra Pournima, Thai Pusam, Panguni Uthiram and Chariot festival celebrated in this temple. Jupiter is also popularly known as Brihaspati. He sits on a lotus & wears a yellow cloth. Lord Brihaspati get easily impressed with yellow things. Even turmeric, yellow gems, honey & yellow clothes to Lord is considered to be auspicious and brings luck & fortune. Wearing yellow & offering yellow clothes helps to get the blessings of Lord Jupiter.This offering to Lord Guru Bhagwan / Dakshinamurthy in temples is considered very auspicious. Chick peas or Bengal gram garland offering fulfill all your wishes and thank Lord Guru for his protection, guidance & wisdom.
Blessing from Ancestors, remove sin's and karmas
Bless self-consciousness, remove ignorance
Remove Negativities, Fulfill life desires, wealth and prosperity
Bless good health and disease free life, remove incurable disease
Bless peace and harmony, overcome hurdles
Bless Early Marriage, Child for Childless, Remove Doshas
Temple Opening Time
Morning: 6.00 AM to Evening:9.00 PM
Temple Puja
Kala Santi Puja at 6.00 AM
Irandam Kalm Puja at 9.00 AM
Uchikaalam Puja at 12.00 PM
Sayarakshai Puja at 6.00 PM
Arthajamam Puja at 9.00 PM

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