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Arogya Aishwarya Pasupatham Homam

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Arogya Aishwarya Pasupatham Homam - A Welcome Ceremony of 2016 :

Live Webcast on 22nd Jan 2016, Friday @6.00AM - 9.00AM IST 

Aishwaryam means "Wealth", Arogya means "Good health". Vedicfolks going to Perform Arogya Aishwarya Pasupatham Homam on Jan 22nd, Friday 2016 for getting abundance, prosperity, healthiness to lead a successful life.

Vedicfolks invite you to be a part of this Grand Fire ritual to welcome Aishwaryam and Arogyam in your life from 2016. 


Significance of Arogya Aishwarya Pasupatham Homam 

Arogya Aishwarya Pasupatham Homam is dedicated to Supreme Couples Lord Vishnu/ Goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Siva/ Goddess Parvathi Devi. Lord Vishnu is the protector of one's life to maintain good health and increase the life span of the person. Mahalakshmi is the goddess for Showering wealth and Prosperity to improve the living standards of a person.


Lord Siva in Mrityunjaya form will bestow you with greatest longevity compartment and Maha Shakthi will give you power and Strength to enjoy material success in this world. This homam provides combined bestows from both Supreme Couples Lord Vishnu with Goddess lakshm and Lord Shiva with Maha Shakthi to get good health and material boons.


Arogya Aishwarya pasupatham homam is an ideal one for those who want to maintain their health in a perfect condition to lead a prosperous life.


Schedule of Events :


1.   Lord Ganesha Homam

2.   Rare Aiswarya Pasupathim and Arogya Pasupathim Vedic Chants with Sukta Japa and Homams

3.   Aishwarya Lakshmi Narayana Japa and Homam

4.   Lord Rudra Homam with Durga Suktha Homam

5.   Sri Suktha Homam


Benefits of Performing Aroghya Aishwarya Pasupatham Homam

?         This homam is to improve living standards of people by eliminating health problems in an effective manner.

?         It enhances longevity and well being of a person by reducing all types of health issues.

?         It removes unnecessary worries and gives peace of mind.

?         It overcomes debts and financial difficulties to ensure happy life.

?         It brings more abundance to live an affluent life.

?         Doshas and past life karmic issues will be dissolved by participating in this rare vedicfolks ritual.


Assistance from Templefolks

We at TempleFolks are proud to possess the most authoritative experts who have the knowledge and ease to invoke these powerful radiations which can bring exact results and all kind of fortunes in life! 

Participate Now - We accept 4 name Sankalpam for single Order !

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