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Ashta Vimshathi Nakshatra Maha Yagya

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Vedic New Year Celebration Ritual - Ashta Vimshathi Nakshatra Maha Yagya

Live Webcast on April 8th Friday @4.30PM - 9.30PM IST

Vedicfolks is Performing Ashta Vimshathi Nakshatra Maha Yagya on Special occasion of Vedic New Year (Gudi Padwa). Ashta means eight and Vimshathi describes twenty, we are performing 28 nakshatra maha Yagya to get all beneficial effects to remove all Dhosas in your life.

About Nakshatra Maha Ygya:

Nakshatra - the Sanskrit word simply means "that which doesn't decay". It is said that there are 27 nakshatras and they are the stars who rule the world and its inmates. Each nakshatra is of a separate significance, quality and content. These nakshatras (27) share equal segments of a circle, each covering 13 degrees 20 minutes. The sequence of the 27 Nakshatras begins with Ashwini Nakshatra in Mesha Rashi and ends with Revathi Nakshatra in Meena Rashi.

While witnessed from the earth's surface, it is observed that the Moon passes through this circle of 27 stars in 27 days - which means the Moon resides in a star for a day. Now there is a concept called-Nakshatra Pada. This simply means that each nakshatra in itself is divided into 4 equal parts again. They are termed as 1, 2, 3 and 4 Padas respectively. Each pada in that nakshatra has its own set of traits.

When all the 27 nakshatras + Abhijit Nakshatra are appraised together in a homa, it brings its beneficiaries good will all through their lives. 

Abhijit is the 28th nakshatra rarely appeared nakshtra in Magara rasi. Abhijit is the Sanskrit name for Vega, the brightest star in the northern group of Lyra. Abhijit means "Victorious" or "the One who cannot be defeated".

Why Nakshatra Maha Yagya?

If a particular person perfrom Nakshatra Maha yagya once in his/her lifetime, it will bring in harmony and good fortune from the nakshatra devata for that person. When a whole family of people with different nakshatras and different padas get beneficiaries, they can participate in this all 28 nakshatra homa.

Nakshatra Homa is mainly done for getting beneficiaries in Studies, wedding, and career and to lead a happy life for people born under the respective nakshatras and their padas.

The Star group in which moon is placed at the time of birth is called janma Nakshatra which determines our thinking pattern, nature, destiny, instincts and subconscious aspects of our personality. Performing 28 Nakshatra Maha Yagya gives complete beneficial effects and removes all doshas.

According to Vedas, 28 Nakshatra Maha Yagya is very important for our life. Performing Nakshatra maha Yagya once in a year bestows you with all 16 forms of wealth to your family.

28 Nakshatra and its special characteristics:







Ashvini Kumaras

Spontaneous, Straightforward, Intelligence, quick comprehension ability, robust

For those who suffering from bad afflictions of ashivini nakshatra, best remeady to worship "Lord Ganesha"

Om Aswinikumarabhyam Namah


Yama (Lord of Death)

Justice, Discipline, Truth, Power to withstand, Extreme, Creatives

Worship Yama(the God of Death and Dharma) and worship of Kali gives good remeady

Om Yamaya Namah 



Aims to get to the root of any action, Brilliance, Straight forward, Support others

For those suffering from bad effects to this Natchara,worship Lord karthikeya is the best remedy,  worship Sun along with recitation of Gayathri Mantra also helpful.

Om Agnaye Namah 



Clear and expressive, Gentle, Fulfilment of desires, Love of finery & comfort, Power of manifestation, Creativity

Reverence towards cows, earth and nature in its various forms is the best way to get rohini nakshatra positive energy

Om Brahmane Namah 



Search or Hunt, Spontaneous, Enthusiastic, Benevolence, Changeability, Playfulness

For those suffering from the afflictions to this nakshatra, worship Goddess Parvati is the best remedy.

Om Chandramase Namah 



Probing intellect, Sensitivity, Searching and reaching desired goal, arduous and ardent

For those suffering from the afflictions to this nakshatra, worship Lord Shiva is the best remedy.

Om Rudraya namah 


Aditi,  the mother of 12 Adityas

Nurturing, Harmony, simple and Spiritual, Quiet, patient, amiability, adaptability

For those suffering from the bad effect of this nakshatra, worship Goddess figurine like Durga, Lakshmi, sarswathi,Aditi

Om Aditaye Namah 



Generosity, Kind, Compassion, Joyfulness, Optimism, helpful, protective

For those suffering from bad effect of this nakshatra, the best remedial is to pay reverence to cows, priest, gurus or brahmins

Om Brihaspataye Namah 


Celestial Serpent

The ability to go where others cannot go, Snake attributes,  Calculativeness

Paying reverence to serpents or doing serpent ritual like Sarpa Homa is useful for gaining favor energy of this nakshatra

Om Sarpebhyo Namah 


Pitris, "the ancestors"

Magnificent, master, Prominence, strict, strong nature, Straightforward

Worship kali or Shiva is the best way of mastering the energy of this nakshatra

Om Pitribhyo Namah 


Bhaga, one of the twelve adityas, Shiva

Creative, rest, relaxation, enjoyment, self -indulgent, work with pleasure

Worship of Laxmi and other goddess related to creativity and prosperity

Om Bhagaya Namh 


Aryaman, one of the 12 Aditya

Illuminator, bestower of prosperity, wealth and ultimate knowledge, charity, benevolence and philanthropy, self reliant

For those suffering from bad effect of this nakshatra, the best remedial measure to worship of the Sun. Recitation of Gayathri Mantra is very helpful

Om Aryamane Namah 


Savitar ( the solar deity)

Jovial, lighthearted, easy going approach, quick, Sharp mind, Creative

Worship of Vishnu or any vishnu's incarnation is a way of getting the higher energies of this nakshatra

Om Savitre Namah 


Tvastar ( the celestial architect)

Dynamic, energetic, creative, indulgent creature

Worship of feminine deities like Durga, Bhavani,  Jagdamba and etc is the best way of getting the best out of Chitra star

Om Vishwakarmane Namah 


 Vayu, the god of wind

Self  going, good goer, Independent, Delicate, Sword, fiery quality, adaptability, dexterity

For those suffering from bad effects of this nakshatra, is the best remedy to worship of Goddess Saraswathi

Om Vayuve Namah 


Indra and Agni

Fixation, Exuberant victorious, Obsessions, Longing, Possessiveness

For those suffering from bad affliction to this nakshatra, the best remedy to worship of the eight vasus, or worship Hari Hara

Om Indragnibhyam Namah 


Mitra , one of the twelve Adityas

Exploration, Revolutionaries, Ability to see through the reality behind the fake , extremely sensitive

For those suffering from the bad effects of this Star, best remedy to worship of the twelve Aditya , especially Mithra

Om Mitraya Namah 



Gain respect in Society, Adhere to the prevailing Standards, Very quick

Worship of Vishnu or  fierce feminine deities like Durga and Kali gives best remeady

Om Indraya Namah 


Nritti (Goddess of Disolvation and Destruction)

Individuality, boldness, sarcasm, Over eagerness, Straightforward, Direct approach

Worship fierce deities like Kali and Rudra to remove the bad affliction of this nakshatra

Om Nirttaye Namah 



Apah ( water) or varuna

Mysterious, Secretive, Ambitiousness, Leaps of faith, Adventurous Spirit, Joy and Happiness, Honest

For those suffering from the bad effects of this Nakshatra, Worship Goddess Laxmi, and other Venusian deities like Lalitha and Tripurasundari

Om Adrabhyo Namah 



Ten dev Vishvadevas

Elegance, Traditionalism, Authority and Respect, More Positive, Supreme faith in his ability and Knowledge, Introspecting, Righteousness, Confidence, Expansiveness,

For those who suffering from bad afflictions of ashivini nakshatra, best remeady to worship "Lord Ganesha?

Om Vishwedevebhyo Namah 



Amicable, Goal oriented, Erudition, Sagacity, The Power to give permanent victory, Learning,

For those who suffering from bad afflictions of Shravana nakshatra, best remedy to worship "Lord Vishnu

Om Vishnave Namah 


Vasus (Group of Eight Gods)

Confidence, Happiness, Joy  and hopefulness, purity, good nature, lightheartedness, gentleness, Sensitivity, Nobility

For those suffering from bad afflictions to this nakshatra, the best remedy to worship of lion - riding goddess Durga or Hari  hara

Om Vaubhyo namah

Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya




Secrecy, Solitary, Eccentric, Wisdom, undemonstrative, Calm,Genuine, Self motivation

Healing measures can be used for those suffering from the bad effects of this nakshatra

Om Varunaya Namah 


Aja - Ekapada or Rudra

Diabolical, Pessimism, Humility, Very sincere and Hardworking, Ready to do anything to attain their objective

For those suffering from the bad affliction, worship of Lord Shiva is the best remedy

Om Ajaikapade namah 


Ahir Bhudhanya or Lord Shiva

Wisdom, Flexibility, Benevolent, empathy, Understanding and sympathy, very good counselors, Calculative

For those suffering from the bad affliction, worship of Lord Shiva is the best remedy

Om Ahirbudhanyaya Namah 


Pushan, the Solar deity

Reverie, reverent, Revolving, Resolution, supportive of others, Civilization,

For those suffering from the bad affliction, worship of Lord Vishnu is the best remedy

Om Pushane namah 



The undefeatable, ever conquering, Complete victory, triumph and achievement



Vaitheeswaran Temple Pooja:

 Vaitheeswaran Temple is a famous Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located near Kumbakonam , Tamilnadu. Lord Shiva  is worshipped as Vaitheeswaran or the "God of healing" and it is believed that prayers to Vaitheeswaran can cure diseases.


Nakshatra Yantra one member in a family

Homam Prasada fromYagya Centre

Vaitheeswaran Temple Pooja and Prasad

Assistance from Vedic Folks

We at Vedic Folks are proud to possess the most authoritative experts who have the knowledge and ease to invoke these powerful radiations which can bring exact results and all kind of fortunes in life!

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