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Ayush Homam - Increasing Your Life Span

Ayush homam is performed to devote the lord of life (Ayur Devatha) to give long life. This homam is normally performed on the Star (Nakshaktra) conception date. It is standard to do it on the first conception day of kids. By performing the Ayushya homa, the abhorrence impacts created by tithi, vara, nakshatra are destroyed. It gives life span and great wellbeing. Ayusha homam is carried out to love the divine force of life (Ayur Devatha ). By doing this homam, one gets long life endowments from Ayur Devatha. Ones a year this homa is proposed for sound living and long life.

Significance of Ayush Homam

  • Ayush Homam is extremely helpful for youngsters on the off chance that you perform the Homam on their first conception celebration focused around their Birth Stars.  
  • Children gets to be well responsive to appreciate the present existence without convey the trouble of the past.

Benefits of Ayush Homam

  • Ayush Homam can put an end to your journey for a generally mended and unbridled life.  
  • Ayush Homam is one such custom that is performed for life span and flourishing in life.      
  • Gives solution for any of your patient diseases.       
  • Ayush Homam has the extraordinary ascribe to evacuate the impressions of the past births.
  • By performing this homam elevates your children to lead a solid and long life.

When to Organize Ayush Homam?

Ayush Homam must be performed on your birthdays focused around your Nakshatra(star). The timings favored are Bhrama Murtham or whatever other promising hours.

Getting Assistance from Vedic folks

To get all the bounties and experience the enormous integrity of Ayush Homam (fire customs or lab), you can get the assistance of our accomplished Vedic Purohits (intellectuals) at Vedicfolks.com on the web.

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