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Bhamati and Vivarana Schools of Advaita

Bhamati and Vivarana Schools of Advaita Vedanta 
A Critical Approach 

by P.S. Roodurmun  /   Kanshi Ram    
ISBN(Hardbound): 8120818903, 9788120818903
Price(Hardbound): 695.00 INR  
Pages: xv+297
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2002
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Bhamati and Vivarana Schools of Advaita Vedanta:

This book is an attempt at presenting to the readers a critical analysis of the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta by comparing the views of the Bhamati and the Vivarana Schools, the two most important protagonists of Sankara`s philosophy, with a detailed study of the original text. It begins with a survery of the historical development of Advaitic thought, starting right from the Vedas to end up with the modern period. The author has taken up for discussion in this work the basic concepts of Advaita Vedanta as interpreted by Vacaspati Misra and Prakasatman, encompassing the concepts of Maya, Avidya, Adhyasa, Anirvacaniyata, Bimba-Pratibimba-vada, Vivartavada, the locus of Avidya, Brahmavagati, Jivanmukti, Videhamukiti etc. 

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