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Brahma Sutras According to Sri Sankara

Brahma Sutras According to Sri Sankara 
by Swami Vireswarananda        
ISBN(Hardbound): 8185301950, 9788185301950
Price(Hardbound): 145.00 INR
Pages: liv, 495
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2011
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Brahma Sutras According to Sri Sankara: 
Brahma Sutras systematizes the philosophy of the Upanishads in 555 aphorisms. In this book the original aphorisms are given in Devanagari followed by word-for-word English rendering, and the interpretation of the sutra according to Shankaracharya. The introduction contains a comparative study of the bhashyas of Shankara, Ramanuja, and Nimbarka.

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