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Brahmani Homam

Brahmani Homam

Who is Goddess Brahmani?

Goddess Brahmani is one among the Ashta Matrikas. The name Brahmani came from the Lord Brahma. Goddess Brahmanio came from the mouth of Maa kali when she shouted loud after demolishing the large demon. She is actually is portrayed as sitting in red lotus and her vahana is Hamsa or swan.

Why Brahmani Homam?

Goddess Brahmani Homam is very essential to get peaceful mind which lead to a fearless life and the devotees who perform this Brahmani Homam are blesses with various boons in life to overcome struggles.

Benefits and Significance of Brahmani Homam

Goddess Brahmani Homam helps out the married couples with better understanding among each others to lead a happy married life.

Get relief from various troubles like black magic, evil forces, unnecessary misfortunes etc.Performing this homam helps to get a mental peace by avoiding over stress.

Ideal Days to Perform this Homam

The most preferable days to perform Goddess Brahmani Homam are Wednesday and Friday apart from pournami to get best results.

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