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Cosmic Science of Vaastu

Cosmic Science of Vaastu  
by N. H. Sahasrabudhe  /   Gautami Sahasrabudhe   
ISBN (Paperback):  8120728017
Price (Paperback): 650.00 INR 
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2005

About Cosmic Science of Vaastu:  

This book attempts to bridge the gap between traditional Vaastushastra and modern architecture. The cosmic effects of a wrong vaastu and the remedial approaches are discussed at length. Virtues of directions, analysis of the five great elements, two stream theory, Ind flying stars and the relation between Nature and Individual are also discussed in detail. This book covers all the concepts, theories and correlations of various disciplines like astrology, yogshastra, modern architecture and traditional vaastushastra and will be helpful for those who want to learn Vaastushastra.


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