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Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam

Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam.


Sphatik is one of the purest and highly miraculous stones existing in our natural surroundings. It is a transparent and glossy crystal eminently known as a power stone.  During the ages of Ramayana, Lord Rama and Lord Lakshman took rest on sphatik crystal. This incident from Ramayana adds more virtues to the properties of sphatik stone.  At Temple Folks, we provide beautiful Shiva Lingam composed of powerful Sphatik crystals. We assort natural quartz to create a refined and exquisite Shiva Lingam out of it.


Who can keep or worship Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam?


Absolutely anyone can keep and worship Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam. This Lingam creates the same arena as Jyotirling establishes. There are no restrictions on keeping Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam. Any worshipper or just an adorer of Shiva can worship the lingam.




  • By worshipping Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam, one can keep enemies and negative energies at bay.
  • If a person is longing for any wish then Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam can do wonders. Sphatik Shivling is a boon for completing desires.
  • Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam. amplifies happiness in the home by creating a good and positive environment.
  • Sphatik Shivling bolsters the rate of wealth and prosperity. It lures Lakshmi and grants supreme riches to the devotees.
  • Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam solidifies the spiritual instinct of a person and connects him closely with all mighty.


Seek all these benefits by registering for Sphatik Crystal Shiva Lingam from Temple Folks. Bring in positivity in your home by embellishing your pooja ghar with this powerful Shiva lingam.







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