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Dots of Destiny

Dots of Destiny 
Applications of Ashtakavarga

by Vinay Aditya       
ISBN (Paperback):  8186824049, 9788186824047
Price (Paperback): 650.00 INR 
Series: Vedic Astrology
Pages: 179
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2009
Edition: 4th
Publications: Motilal Banarsidass

About Dots of Destiny:

First ever book on Ashtakavarga which leads the student step-by-step to its application for everyday predictions. Calculations of Ashtakavarga explained and worked our with an example horoscope. Principles of Sarvashtakavarga applied extensively and explained through several horoscopes. 

Ashtakavarga principles applied on the horoscopes of Prime Ministers, Presidents and other celebrities. Reveals the decisive role of Ashtakavarga in analysing the dreaded period of sadhe-sati.  Periods of prosperity illustrated in a novel way by fusing Ashtakavarga with the Indu Lagna. 

Controversies of Ashtakavarga handled squarely, head-on.  Opens new vistas for research-minded astrologers. Profusely illustrated by example horoscopes from diverse fields.


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