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Durga Parameshwari Temple Puja

Ashtadasa Bhuja Durga Parameshwari Temple Puja - Remove Bitterness, Dislikes, Bless Abundance in Life
Durga Parameswari Temple is located in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu.The presiding deity is Durga Parameswari is the incarnation of Goddess Shakti is a 6 feet deity, the Mother of Universe of compassion and elegance. Her basic quality of existence is to protect the universe from the Devils and Demons. She is a combined force holding trident of Lord Shiva, Chakra of Lord Vishnu, Conch of Vaurna, Bow and an Arrows of Lord Vayu, Lord Vajra and Lord Indra operates strategically on targets as a striking force lead the war-field on her vehicle "Lion" with her domineering 18 hands, bless devotees with Art and Skills to thrive, Material Gains, Good health and Prosperity. Kumkum offering is accompanied by chanting Durga Sukhtam. Offering Kumkum shows the social and religious marking on the forehead which brings power of Goddess Chandi to our living place energizing the environment with purity and prosperity. Kumkum is made from turmeric, which marks the color of the womb and the blood stains in the womb combined together denotes prosperity. Offering Red Saree to Goddess Chandi is a realistic worship of Goddess asking her through prayers to bless spiritual progress and welfare of the universe. Offering Red Saree is to invoke purity and knowledge and denotes "destroyer" of the evil. Red Saree offering should be in nine yard represents Goddess Durga in Nine Forms is the functioning of the Goddess through her nine forms. The Principle Offering Saree to Goddess Chandi is also called ‘Oti bharane’.
Temple Opening Time
Morning:6.00 AM to 11.00 AM
Evening: 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM
Bless to offset ill effects of evil eye, Remove hoodoo (witchcraft)
Negate misfortune, Bestow harmony, peace of mind
Overcome deterrents and obstacles, Bless success, positivity and happiness
Removes barriers in life, Invoke positive approach to achieve life goals
Remove all Dosha's of Birth Chart, Bless Abundance of wealth and prosperity
Overcome Enmity, Evil Effects, Endow dominance, authority and Bless manifold Success
Temple Puja
Saraswati Puja
Durga Puja
Kala Santhi Puja
Temple Festival
Auspicious Tiruvilakku Puja are celebrated in this temple.

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