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Encyclopedia Of Vedic Astrology Tajik

Encyclopedia Of Vedic Astrology Tajik Shastra And Annual Horoscopy 
by Shanker Adawal       
ISBN (Paperback):  8170821177, 9788170821175
Price (Paperback): 650.00 INR
Language: English
Publication: Sagar Publications

About Encyclopedia Of Vedic Astrology Tajik Shastra And Annual Horoscopy:

Tajik is an important aspect in the journey of our understanding various aspects of Astrology .This is the endeavor of the encyclopedia. In this book the author has divided the study primarily in two parts. The first part dealing with various factors like the yoga, aspects and so on with an explanation of factors that makes Tajik different and unique. The second part dwells in the predictive aspects with illustrations. This book will surely evince the interest of the beginners as well as others who are in research or predictive astrology.

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