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Finance Success Package

Financial Success Package

To be financially successful means to get all that you want. It means that your loved ones can live comfortably with a decent shelter, plenty of food to eat, good education, and a sophisticated lifestyle. All this is possible only if you build your fortune by planning matters in advance with some spiritual support. Look into our Vedic remedies or Financial Success Package that will create a definite, positive outcome for you and family. In case of hassles due to wealth loss, no worries, because this promising package will retrieve all the lost wealth for you!

Raja Yoga Prediction Report

Finance Success Package - Raja Yoga Prediction Report

In Vedic Astrology, Yoga means a combination or conjunction of planets Individuals for the most part need to know in their horoscope that whether there is any superior yogam in natal chart or not, they need to realize that whether they will get the name, eminence, influence according to the kundli or not.

Raja Yoga is kingly combination of planets, which strengthens your prospects of achieving power and popularity.So find out when Raja Yoga happens in your natal chart and how it will favour your ambition. We will help you make the most out of it.

The Birth Chart or Natal Chart will be generated with the help of provided exact birth time and Location native birth place for the purpose of providing the accurate Raja Yoga prediction.

Kamala Devi Homam

Finance Success Package - Kamala Devi Homam

Goddess Kamala Devi Represents Unfolding Of Inner Consciousness Invokes Suktha Amirtha Chakra Goddess Kamaladevi or Kamalatmika, as the name denotes, is a lotus goddess and last of the Mahavidyas. She’s on par with Goddess Lakshmi and symbolises prosperity, fertility, royal grandeur and agricultural abundance.

She also represents unfolding of inner consciousness and creation.She eradicates poverty, both spiritual and material besides blessing devotees with power, wealth, good luck and safety.She is the most beautiful and benevolent of all the Maha Vidyas and Her beej mantra is Shreem, Hreem, Kreem.

What You Get From Kamaladevi Homam
Free yourself from debt, poverty and tension
Find cure to diseases and remove dangers from life
Get nourishment and support for all life activities
Attain abundance of worldly wealth, love and bliss. 
Get blessings of purity, chastity and generosity

Dharma Devata Homam
This Homam is dedicated to Dharma Devata- the Goddess who is responsible for protecting Dharma. Dharma signifies behaviour includes rights, duties, laws & right way of living. According to Mahabharata, Goddess Dharma Devata was protected Karna from death and resists all arrows sent by Arjuna. Lord Krishna said to King Arjuna that the Goddess Dharma Devata was protecting him from death because of the huge benefits Karna earned by giving charity and it was impossible even for Lord Shiva to kill Him. So, Lord Krishna appeared as a poor brahmin and asked his punya as charity. Karna gave his punya as charity to the brahmin and get the view of Krishna's Vishwaroopa as reward. After, Karna gave away his entire punya to Lord Krishna, Goddess Dharma Devata was disappeared. 

By Performing this Homam, Goddess Dharma Devata protects you from enemies, evil forces, premature death and guides you to live a right way of life. And also, it will help to attain Moksha-salvation.

Sri Suktham Homam

Finance Success Package - Sri Suktham Homam

Are you one among those who are suffering to recover from the losses you incurred? It is a very tough hassle to overcome these depressions you face out of losses—starting from relationship till your assets. Sri Suktha Homam is use to invigorate Goddess Lakshmi who is the authority of wealth; she can very well help you recover from losses and bring you back on track with what you lost!

Benefits and Significance

If you have lost your assets through some ill luck, or if you have lost your relationship, which is the greatest asset, you will have to approach the Goddess of wealth. She will bless the native with immense wealth and spirit to overcome your losses.

Seven Mukhi – Seven Phased Rudraksha

Finance Success Package - Seven Phased Rudraksha

7 represents the divine number of Goddess Mahalakshmi, the divine half of Lord Vishnu. When you are aiming towards a prosperous life, you should never give a thought about possessing and using a seven phased Rudraksha. 

Goddess Mahalakshmi is the authority to worldly pleasures and pursuits and takes you to the road not taken—the road of richness, prosperity and divine wealth as well.

When you possess 7 phased Rudraksha you will be blessed with good health, richness and new opportunity. Seven phased Rudraksha grands abundance in all areas like career and business thereby bringing all around fortune and riches. It also brings victory, business profit and financial security.

Free Energised Products with this Combo

Sree Chakra Yantra

Sree Chakra Yantra is a blessed instrument which has a legendary association with Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu god of fortune, flourishing and riches.

Lotus Flower Japa Mala

Lotus Flower Japa Mala is made from Lotus seeds. The Lotus flower which grows in muddy water and beautifully blooms symbolises the purity and spiritual growth. Lotus seed also develop the spiritual and material prosperity. By wearing Lotus Flower Japa Mala around the neck or held in the hand during japa mantra bestows wealth, comfort, concentration, reduces the poverty and increase the inner beauty, peace of mind and devotion.


It is the most sacred stone to worship Lord Vishnu. Keeping this Energised Saligramam at your home and doing pujas will increase your merits in all matters and removes your unwanted fears in life.

Idol for Car Dashboard

Keep the energised idol from the powerful ritual in the car dashboard to have a safe and smooth without any problem.

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