Gayatri Yantra
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Gayatri Yantra

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Gayatri Yantra

About Gayatri Yantra:

The Gayatri Yantra is a powerful yantra or sacred object that awakens the virtuous energies of the goddess Gayatri. The greatest goddess brings unending happiness and fortune into life. The supreme goddess Gayatri Devi, also known as Savitri, bestows enormous calm and tranquillity.

The mother of the Vedas, the mighty goddess Gayatri, is a great source of joy and revitalization. One of the most important mantras for attracting good vibes is the Gayatri mantra. This yantra, like the Gayatri mantra, cherishes life with joy and exhilaration.

Importance of Gayatri Yantra:

The Gayatri Yantra promotes harmony and enlightenment in life. For people who are dealing with severe instability and negative influences in their lives, this yantra is absolutely essential. This yantra overcomes all the harmful forces and renews harmony in life.

Significance of Gayatri Yantra:

The Gayatri Yantra is a strong and important yantra because it bestows goddess Gayatri's celestial favours on the user. The yantra encourages spiritual awakening and helps followers raise their consciousness levels. It possesses strong abilities to enhance life's charm and qualities.


Boons of Gayatri Yantra:

Here are some notable benefits of worshipping the Gayatri Yantra:

  1. The Gayatri Yantra gives great happiness and harmony into life.
  2. This yantra dispels negative energy and brings joy and glory into life.
  3. The yantra has amazing abilities to repel all the negative aspects.
  4. It enhances life by bringing accomplishments and victories.
  5. Additionally, the yantra fosters life by sending out positive and serene energy.


Rules to use Gayatri Yantra:

  1. Periodically, wash the copper plate with rosewater or just water.
  2. Put paste made of sandal and vermillion on the Yantra's centre and on its four corners.
  3. Dedicatedly pray in front of the yantra, present flowers, and ignite incense sticks.
  4. Offering Gayatri Devi fruits and flowers, praying to her, and gazing at the yantra while you meditate with real devotion.
  5. When worshipping the yantra, recite the mantra "Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat" to increase the strength of your worship to new heights.

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