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Gerugambaakkam Neelakandeswarar Pooja

Gerugambakkam Neelakandeswarar Puja


Gerugambaakkam Neelakandeswarar is a prominent temple in Tharapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The temple is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the temple, two main deities reside- Goddess Sri Aadhi Kamakshi and God Gerugambaakkam Neelakandeswarar. Sri Kethu Bhagwan is also prominently worshipped in the temple. Gerugambakkam Neelakandeswarar temple is one of the prominent Navagraha temples.


Seeking worship from the famous Gerugambaakkam Neelakandeswarar temple will help devotees lead a happy and prosperous life. The temple acquires the positive energies of Shiva. People suffering from Rahu and Ketu effects can get relief by organizing special pujas and homams at the temple. Rahu Ketu Peyarchi is observed with utmost divinity in the temple and is the main event in the temple’s arena.


Neelakandeswarar Temple Puja Timings


Ushakkala or sunrise puja at 6:00 AM.

Kaala Sandhi Puja at 7:00 AM.

Uchikala Pooja at Noon.

Saayaraksha or sunset puja at 6:00 PM.

Ardhajama or night puja at 8:00 PM.


Organize a special puja in Gerugambakkam Neelakandeswarar temple and get immense advantages. If you can't come to the temple, leave the hassle on us and just subscribe for the puja from templefolks.com.


Special note


We want to clarify that templefolks.com is not any temple agent. Our main job is to organize a puja for you in the temple. The fees we charge covers government taxes, prasad, transportation, and shipping costs. After puja, we deliver prasad to Indian residents in 7 days and non-Indian residents in just 15 days.




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Gerugambaakkam - chennai

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