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Girija Bandh Hanuman Temple Puja

Girija Bandh Hanuman Temple Puja - Removes Malefic Effects, Removes Negativities, And Bless Abundance In Life

Girija Bandh Hanuman Temple is located in Ratanpur, India. Here, Lord Hanuman, a devotee of Rama Worshiped in a female form, is fulfilled only with a vision. After giving darshan, Lord Hanuman Ji asked to bring the idol from the kund and install it in the temple. Lord Hanuman Ji, who is always away from women, is worshiped in a female from in this temple. In the rest of the world, all the devotees worship Pawanputra and Lord Rama devotee Lord Hanuman as Baal Brahmachari, due to which women have been forbidden to touch any of their idols.The temple is located in Ratanpur, Chhattisgarh. This is the only temple in the world of Lord Hanuman located in this small city, where Lord Hanuman is worshiped in a feminine form. As per paranic story, here is specific reason for worshiping Lord Hanuman in a feminine form. As per legacy, the temple is around ten thousands years ago, Prithvi Devju, the King of Ratanpur, suffered from leprosy. Helped by the disease of leprosy,the King Devju thought that I am such a great King, but of no use. I have leprosy. The King did many remedies, but no medicine was benefited. I cannot touch anyone, nor can I please anyone with this disease. Only death is appropriate from this tragic life. The King Devju fell asleep thinking this.


  • Overlook obligations, Go by intelligence, self-realization
  • Bless purity in heart and soul, life accomplishment, remove Doshas
  • Remove obstacles, hardships, develop the skill of influence and negotiation
  • Remove malefic impacts, negativities, bless life desires, good health
  • Remove unfortunate events, remove fear, bless peace and harmony
  • Bless composure, calmness, Bless abundance, Remove miseries


Temple Opening Time

Morning: 6.00 AM to 12.30 PM

Evening: 4.00 PM to 7.30 PM

Temple Festival

Auspicious Rama Navami, Hanuman Jayanti are the festival celebrated in this temple.

Temple Puja

Vadamala Puja

Kala Santhi Puja


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