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Godavari Pushkar

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Godavari Pushkar

Godavari Pushkar is celebrated as a festival of river Godavari and it occurs once in 12 years. Amid Godavari pushkaram devotees from everywhere throughout the nation will have a sacred plunge with the conviction that they would be relieved from all transgressions and also perform certain customs to left souls / Ancestors. 

It is accepted that amid pushkaram all divinities and rishies take heavenly plunge, a sacred dunk in Godavari which will improve one's spiritual, mental and physical capabilities.

This Godavari Pushkara held for 24 days, the first 12 days of Godavari Pushkara is called Adi Pushkara which is held from July 14th 2015 - July 25th, 2015 and the next 12 days of Godavari Pushkara is called Antya Pushkara which is held in the year 2016.

Pushkaram is a celebration of river relates to 12 imperative rivers in India which happens once in 12 years for every river.  The river for every year celebration is taking into account the existence of Jupiter on which Zodiac sign at that point.


Homam (Fire rituals) and Pind Pradaan will be done for your ancestor by our expert priest in Godavari on your behalf for getting their blessings to lead a successful life .

Since it being 12th Pushkar for the river godavari happening in every 144th years, and is considered to be a life time opportunity for the participants.

What will You Receive?

1. Homam Prasad
2. Godavari Jal
3. Godavari Soil

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