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Holi Festival Vrat Katha and Puja

Holi is the festival color; initially Indians commend this Holi celebration to remember the takeoff of winter and the start of the new season of spring, which brings great harvest.

Holi additionally commends Krishna, and the legend of Holika and Prahlad.

Some accept the root of the celebration lies with Krishna who was exceptionally insidious as a young person and tossed shaded water over the gopis (milkmaids).

The Legend

Lord Krishna

One day, Krishna complaint to his maa Yashoda about the treachery of nature which made Radha so reasonable and he so dim. To appease the crying Krishna, the hovering mother told Young Krishna to go and shade a color on Radha's face in whichever shading he needed.
The Naughty young krishna regarded the counsel of maa Yashoda and shaded color on his beloved Radha's face; Making her one like himself.


The story of Prahlad is seen to symbolize great overcoming shrewdness and is the reason generally blazes are lit at Holi.

Prahlad was a sovereign. His father, the ruler needed everybody in his kingdom to love him. Anyway Prahlad declined and revered Lord Vishnu. The lord's sister Holika, who should be resistant to flame, deceived her nephew Prahlad into sitting on her lap in a campfire to decimate him. But since she was utilizing her powers for insidiousness, the arrangement fizzled and Prahlad rose up out of the flame unharmed, while Holika was eaten up by the flares. Holika are smoldered on the flame. Powder from Holi blazes are thought to bring good fortunes.

Benefits of Performing Lord Krishna Homam on Holi Festival

- Lord Krishna Homam on the day of Holi festival is very beneficial for an individual to get free from evil spirits.

- Helps to clear sins and wrong-doings.

- Moreover, this homam helps to win the good belief of Lord Krishna, love and care.

How to organize Lord Krishna Homam on Holi Festival?

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