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Indrani Homam

Indrani Homam

Who is Goddess Indrani?

Goddess Indrani is one among the Ashta Matrika?s. The name Indrani came from the Lord Indra the king of heavenly world. Goddess Indrani is depicted same as the Lord Indra and her Vahana and holding weapons are also similar. She is seated in Vahana white elephant with four hands holding flag with an image of pot, vajra in another hand and other two hands depicted the pose of abhaya and varada mudra.

Why Indrani Homam?

Performing Goddess Indrani Homam helps us to attain a joyful life like same as the king of the heavenly world Lord Indra since Goddess Indrani is feminine form of the Lord Indra. Those who perform this homam get the grace of Goddess Indrani to lead a peaceful life with full of happiness.

Benefits and Significance of Indrani Homam

Since Goddess Indrani is depicted as a feminine form of Lord Indra the devotees who perform this homam are blessed with the complete joys in Life.

Help to get relief from any sorts of difficulties in life.

Ideal Days to Perform this Homam

The most preferable day to perform this homam is on Friday and pournami for getting better results.

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