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Inner Pilgrimage

Inner Pilgrimage 
Ten Days to a Mindful Me 

by Raji Lukkoor        
ISBN (Paperback): 8182745020, 9788182745025
Price (Paperback): 195.00 INR
Pages: 192
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2012
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Inner Pilgrimage:

A young woman's yeaming for inner peace is about to be realized at a trip to the woods to unlock the secrets of the ever-thinking mind. Hosted by spiritual master S.N. Goenka, a ten-days meditation retreat she attends irrevocably alters her perspective and her future. 

Inner Pilgrimage: Ten Days to a Mindful Me is a comprehensive, moment-by-moment description of the author's ten-days Vipassana meditation retreat. The story unfolds with her arrival at the retreat as an ordinary being seeking a calmer, more centered existence. Sacrificing every luxury and self-indulgence, and following a rigid daily routine that excludes reading, writing, praying, listening to music, watching television, and talking, the author spends ten hours everyday, meditating. 

Inner Pilgrimage provides rich imagery and clearly articulated details of the author's physical experience and her mental & emotional states, during sustained meditation. It provides a compelling insight into her experience of discovering the realm and rewards of vipassana meditation. 

Inner Pilgrimage is one practitioner's personal spiritual journey. It is an inspiration to others looking to transform their restlessness and judgmental tendencies, into having an inner calm and heightened awareness that together nurture and enhance spiritual growth. 

A ten-day vipassana meditation retreat that Raji Lukkoor attended in the summer of 2008 in North Fork, California, inspired her to write about her spiritually transforming journey. Raji holds a master's degree in environmental engineering from San Jose State University, California. Her passion for writing has led her for nearly twenty years now, to write for government and technology companies in Silicon Valley, and provide volunteer writer services for non-profit organizations throughout the world. She has won many writing contests, including winning the united Nations award for essay writing in 2003.

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