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Interpretation of Planetary Transit

Interpretation of Planetary Transit
by S.K. Duggal
ISBN (Paperback): 8170820340,978-8170820345
Price (Paperback): 165.00 INR
Language: English
Year of Pub.:2009

About Interpretation of Planetary Transit:

This book is a comprehensive volume based on vedic classical principles. The earlier chapters give in brief the basic principles of Astrology such as significations of the houses,planets and signs,followed by general considerations of benefic positions and the obstructions (vedha) therof. A detailed explanation of transit of various planets has been provided.The later part of the book deals with important aspects of transit like Moorti Nimaya, Nakshatra Transit,role of Ashtakavarga in transit and the most effective tool known as Sarvatobhadra Chakra.


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