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Interpreting Planetary Influences (Syste

Interpreting Planetary Influences 
by V.K.Choudhary,MBA
Krishnan Rajesh Chaudhary,MBA
Price(Paperback):Rs 650.00 

About Interpreting Planetary Influences (System's Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes):

The basis of the divine knowledge of astrology is the Karma theory. The Karma theory is based on the premise that the planetary influences in the natal chart are the results of one's deeds of past lives.The various aspects of life like personality, status, wealth, family, courage, mental peace, mother, assets, intellect, progeny, health, financial strength, marriage, foreign residence, easy gains, father, spiritual development, professional matters, income gains, vulnerability to hospitalization, penal action and expenses, etc. are ruled by the twelve houses of the horoscope. The book helps in interpreting the results of the twelve houses.

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