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Rudrabhishekam and Chamakam Ho Zoom

Kalashtami Puja

Appearances of 11 Creations Ensures Excellence, Bless Peace & Harmony, Boon for Childless, Prosperity of Wealth, Good Health

Rudrabhisekam and Rudram Chamakam Homam

Gain Self-consciousness, Relieve Sins, Cure Pandemic Bless Imperishable Life Desires, Salvation

Scheduled Live Stream on June 14, 2020 @ 3:30 PM IST



Rudrabhisheka is a highly desired purification method, to seek the blessings of Sri Rudra, invokes the forms of Sri Rudra, Pushtivardhanam, Sugandhi and Thryambaka, the most significant personalities. During Rudrabhishekam Vedic Mantra of high potency and power, takes place by chanting SRI RUDRAM of Taitriya Samhita, noted as the greatest of Mantras. This is also called THE PANCHAKSHARA MANTRA, a holiest of all holy mantra, has seven 'sections' and 44 Chapters, comprising with 'parts and lessons'. 'SRI RUDRAM' also known as "Namaka Prasnam" or "Shatharudriyam".

Lord Rudras are forms of Lord Shiva, who are the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi, as per Vamana Purana. According to Matsya Purana, "Surabhi", literally called as "Kamadhenu", the miracle mother of "cow of plenty", was the consort of Lord Brahma, united to make the existence of 11 Rudras, who appeared under the names Kapali, Pingala, Bhima, Virupaksha, Vilohita, Shasta, Ajapada, Ahirbudhanya, Shambu, Chanda and Bhava.

According to Vedic Scripture Rig Veda comprise of numerous hymns dedicated to Lord Rudra one who bestows all knowledge, clear all miseries and sorrows, bless good health, wealth, success, protect from evil effects and enemies, bestow abundance.

The Legacy of Sri Rudram and Chamakam

Sri Rudra is a sacred word from 'Sanskrit', a Rigvedic deity, who is the supreme well-being and protector of male generations. The word 'Trishati' is, chanting the great poems, in praise of Lord Shiva.   Sri Rudra Nama Trishati is a formulation based on traditional principles and derived from Vedic perspectives, chanting 300 Names of Lord Shiva, in sequence, continuously. Sri Rudram is also known as Sri Rudraprasna, Satarudriya and Rudradhyaya, is a Vedic mantra taken from " Krishna Yajurveda's Taittiriya Samhita", comprises with two parts "Namakam and Chamakam", a chant to admire Lord Rudra, who is similar in appearance with quality and characteristics of Lord Shiva.

The Next part is "Chamakam" which means "the Cha Me Part" means "Literally for me". In Sri Rudram the Namakam part is called "Namah Part". In this sacred hymn the 5th Prap??haka or otherwise called as "Literary Lessons" according to "Maitrayaniya Upanishad" which talks about the Deity worship and the benefits. But also takes another form educating man's liberation of worship through Soul meditation and Self-knowledge.

Sri Rudram Moola Mantra


Our Salutations to Omnipresent Lord Rudra

Sri Rudram and Chamakam Homam - Bless Salvation, Gain Dedicated-Spirit, Bless Productivity, Remove Unscrupulousness, Immoral

Sri Rudram and Chamakam, is chanted with "Krama Paatam", which is based on Pada Paatam. Here Pada means a powerful and effective recitation and Paatam is based on Classical Grammar, maintaining the sacredness of the Sri Rudram and Chamkam Mantra. Vedicfolks is performing sacred Homam to honor the god of armor, the Protector of all boundaries, the archetype of Lord Shiva to save us from indefinite mysterious calamities and removal of evil effects and save us from untimely death and natural and unnatural disasters . Through Chanting the 300 Names of Lord Shiva and performing this scriptural traditional homam, energize the eleven anuvakas or hymns,  to make him calm and empower the grace of Sri Rudra in all our divine lives. It admires Lord Rudra to grace us in this occasion with charm and delightedness, a similar divine energy with quality and characteristics of Lord Shiva. On this occasion, all will be blessed with nourishment,  relieve your from fear of death, lead you to immortality. You can also overcome all fears and confusion in life, gives you a clear thinking to your mind. It promotes healthy atmosphere, relieve your from infectious disease, keep you with ever joy and happiness, bless you to attain unending prosperity.


  • Attain Cosmic Purity, bless all creations with continuous life-breath and self-consciousness
  • Bless successful life from creation to intermediary stage of life and to attain salvation
  • Creates powerful relationship within family, Alleviates Sins, Doshas and Karmas
  • Prevent Disease and Infectious Viruses, prevent violent disaster, Bless Peace & Prosperity
  • The Protector and Destroyer of Evil Forces, Blessed with Healthy and Long Life
  • Blessed with Knowledge, Makes you Creative, Enrich Wisdom


Other Power Rituals For Rudram Chamakam Homam on Pradosham


InIndrakshi Siva Pooja - Vedicfolksdrakshi Siva Kavacham Pooja - Getting More Wealth in Life

Goddess Indrakshi is known for her supreme powers and play a key role in removing the obstacles of a person. She also helps for living a protected life by destroying evil forces and enemies in an effective manner. According to ancient Vedic texts, Indrakshi is considered as the female aspect of lion man who shows ways for living a trouble free life by fulfilling the desires of devotees. Anyone who worships and offers Pooja to her can witness major changes in life.


NeNeelakandeshwarer Puja - Vedicfolkselakanteshwarar  Puja - Stabilize Your Family Life and Gain more Blessings

In order to save the world, Lord Shiva swallowed the deadly poison (Halahala Poison). Lord Shiva’s throat turns into blue for that he gets the name ‘Neelakantha’. Neelakanteswara Puja honors Lord Shiva for saving the entire world from the deadly poison & bring longevity in life and freedom from poisonous and evil thoughts.
LorLord Ekambareeshwarer temple puja - Vedicfolksd Ekambareswarar Temple Puja - Bless Self-consciousness, Clear Enmity and Negative Forces

A puja to Lord Ekambareswarar on Pradosham helps you get relief from all planetary doshas and also grants good health, longevity, Child boon and prosperity.


Energised Crystal Shivalinga - Bless long life, Majesty, Clear the Fear of Death

Energised Crystal Shivalinga is deeply crafted image of Lord Shiva is a male and female energizer, an atomic structure of creation, protection and dissolution, a holy trinity, a divine progress in your home and office is energised to bless with good health, immortality, recreation, protection from evil spirits and negativities.



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