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Kalashtami Puja

Kalashtami Special


Ujjain Mahakaleshwar Maha Homam


Lift Financial Status to Great Level, Complete Tasks Ahead Of Time & Prevent ‘Akaal Mrityu’  


Scheduled Live on April 26, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


Kalashtami - It’s Time to Worship the Lord of Time for Achieving the Best Time of Your Life

Kalashtami is a festival dedicated to the fierce form of Lord Shiva which is the Bhairava form.  This auspicious day is observed on Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi, the eighth day after the full moon. Devotees fast on the day and perform pujas and rituals to satiate the God of Time. There are about 12 Kalashtami observances in a year. The eleventh one in the month of November is very special, the Kalabhairav Jayanthi. Devoting the day to Lord Kalabhairav, grants blessings of a life filled with good times that ensures prosperity, happiness and success.


Lord Mahakaleshwar Invocation on Kalashtami Destroys Enemies, Relieves From Miseries

Vedicfolks invocation to Lord Mahakaleshwar on Kalashtami is very appropriate as the Lord of Time grants a good time with divine blessings and relieves you from misery and dissatisfaction and destroys all enemies, seen and unseen, forever.


Lord Mahakaleshwar – The Lord Who Protects His Devotees from Untimely Death

Mahakaleshwar – as the name denotes, is the name assigned to the lord who is greater than time or who has the power to end time, the destroyer of the universe and all objects in it. That god is none other than Lord Shiva for whom mortal time doesn’t affect in any way. He has the power to end time itself and is the divine force that can demolish enemies and reduce them to ashes.


A demon king called Dushan once attacked certain devotees of Lord Shiva in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The lord manifested to destroy the demon and burnt him to ashes. The people requested the lord to remain there to protect them as the chief deity or the only ruler of Avantika, the exact location where the temple is situated. Lord Shiva agreed and a linga – a swayambhu one – self-manifested in the place and is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of the country. Lord Mahakaal prevents ‘akaal mrityu’ (untimely death) of his devotees and protects them from all evil.


Lift Financial Status to Great Level, Complete Tasks Ahead Of Time & Prevent Untimely Death with Ujjain Mahakaleshwar Maha Homam

Mahakalehswar homa is very unique and powerful ritual that instils effective time management skills in the devotee. The homam invokes the powerful Lord Mahakaleshwar who removes all blockades and ensures your success and helps accomplish goals efficiently. It also protects from untimely death due to accidents, diseases and other dangers that befall you. It also improves financial status by overcoming all monetary shortcomings. It empowers you with time management skills by ensuring that you complete all tough tasks within the given time frame thereby putting you on the path of progress or victory. It also makes the task of multitasking easier, removes negative karma and grants salvation.


Benefits of Ujjain Mahakaleshwar Maha Homam on Kalashtami

  • The homa helps your manage time effectively.
  • It removes blockades and ensures your success in all tasks.
  • It protects you from akaal mrityu or untimely death and stay protected from evil.
  • Achieve multitasking skills to enhance your career and business goals.
  • Lift your financial status by worshipping Lord Mahakaal and achieve prosperity and happiness.


Vedic Ceremonies and Product to Intensify Lord Mahakaleshwar Worship 


Bhairava Yantra with Swarna Akarshana Puja - Bestows Growth & Blessings of Wealth and Comforts

The Bhairava Yantra Puja makes Lord Kalabhairava happy and the deity blesses you with time management skills and helps you to progress with life successfully. It improves your financial status and attracts wealth and prosperity.  A puja to Lord Swarna Akarshana will fetch you material gains, grants relief to financial crisis and give your other comforts of life. Lead a prosperous life with wealth and luxury of every kind.


Aghora Astra Puja - Protects From Black Magic, Bad Effects of Planets

The Aghora Astra is a very powerful mantra that is used as a weapon against all evil forms. The lord invoked here is Lord Shiva who’s also known as Aghora and Astra means weapon. It safeguards against black magic, jealousy, hatred and paves way for you to be self-confident with clear thoughts. It protects against planetary afflictions, all types of ailments and enemies.


Rudram Chamakkam Parayanam - Expands Assets, Ensures Longevity

The Rudram Chamakam is another powerful hymn that consists of eleven mantras each having a meaning and benefit of its own that include education, progeny and destruction of enemies. It fulfills wishes, expands assets, gains victory over enemies, gives education, longevity, avoids premature death, grants wealth, good spouse, stable career and removes fear etc.


Vibhuti Archana - Wards of Evil Energies, Purifies Soul

Vibhuti is holy ash that holds great significance in the worship of lord shiva. It is a symbol of purity, karma, protection, healing power and impermanence. Performing archana to the linga with this sacrificial offering bestows good health, long life, peace and prosperity. It gives immortality, wards off evil energies and purifies the soul.


Kapaleeshwarar Temple Puja - Bestows Marriage and Miracle Blessings

The ancient Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore was built in the 7th century CE by the Pallavas is the most revered and ancient place of worship by the Hindus. Get blessed for life by offering prayers in this famous temple known worldwide and worshipping the lord who manifests as ‘swayambhu murti’ and is who is known for his blessings of marriage, progeny and performing miracles.


Energised Shivaling Idol - Calms Mind, Removes Sorrows

The Shivaling is a great idol that tells us God does not exist in any definite form yet he’s a powerful entity.  It is nature by itself and possessing it grants blessings of the three super powerful deities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This linga can be used to meditate upon the lord, to calm the mind and remove sorrows. You can do puja in your altar and receive supreme blessings of Lord Shiva.

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