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Kalashtami Puja

Kalashtami Special


Mysore Chamundeshwari Homam & Bheeshana Bhairava Homam


Remove Bad Evils, Cure Diseases, Bless Abundance of Wealth and Prosperity


Scheduled Live on January 17, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Kalashtami - Cherishing the Precious Time Fulfills Charm and Ability

Kalashtami is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Bhairava falls on 17th January, 2020 in the lunar month on the Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi, falls on ninth day during the waning phase of lunar month. The Ashtami Thiti after the full moon day 'Purnima' is most suitable day to invoke the blessings of Lord Kala Bhairava. Kala means Time, Bhairava means another name of Lord Shiva, in a ferocious form. Vedicfolks is performing Special Rituals on this day dedicated to Lord Bheesana Bhairava & His consort Goddess Chamundeswari shall fix all your karmic and unhealthy relationship for a fruitful career.


Mysore Chamundeshwari - Invoke Divine Blessing, Defeat Enemies, Negativities in Life

Goddess Chamundeshwari, a Hindu god, located 13 kms away at Chamundi Hills in the city of Mysore, Karnataka, in the form of Goddess Shakti, the god of protection, in a fierce form. Since ancient times, Goddess Chamundeshwari was worshiped by Mysore Maharajas, respected as a tutelary deity, is also called as "Naada Devathe", goddess of state and temple residing at the elevation of 838 feet from the sea level. Goddess Chamundeshwari is one of the seven Matrikas, the mother goddesses, creator of self-consciousness, chief of Yoginis, labeled as Tantric goddesses of sixty four or eighty one in numbers, who are attendants of the warrior, Goddess Durga, cherishing the identity in the cosmic world. The name is a combination of two bipolar Chanda and Munda, the two inhuman monsters, whom Goddess Chamundeshwari killed.


Goddess Chamundeshwari has a famous Shakti Peetha, consecrated to the goddess, associated with the mythology of Daksha yaga and Sati’s self immolation, is one among the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas is a goddess of power is known as Krouncha Peetha, in ancient times, it is called "Krouncha Puri", as the hair of Goddess Chamundeshwari has fallen in this place.


Lord Bheeshana Bhairava - Guard the Positive Quality of Life, Detach Bad Companies, Evil Spirits

Lord Bheeshana Bhairava remain seventh of eight form of personification of Lord Bhairava, is appearing in the colour of blood, who hold the weapons as Sri Unmatta Bhairava and Sri Kapala Bhairava, namely a Kunda, Khetaka, Parigha, Bhindipala.


The consort of Lord Bheeshana Bhairava is Goddess Chamundeshwari on the Chariot Lion in the north direction symbolizes, they are warriors for enemies who have been fighting since their existence, face hardest battles, toughest soldiers and be the god you were needed at times of struggle and bestow positive energies, takes control of negative energies, drives away the bad evils and dogma.


Lord Bheeshan Bhairava has greatest quality of mind and honoured for his courage and strength guarding the demography's with love and affection, a skillful leader who seize the opportunity to change the life of the devotees for better at the time of  Kalashtami.


Mysore Chamundeshwari Homam - Inspire Hope, illuminate Positive Side of Life, Defeat Venomous Dragons

Chamundeshwari Homam is a divine fire lab which keeps us moving on the right direction in all struggle and adversities. This Homam gain control on one's life from the blessings of Goddess Chamundeshwari by reciting the versus of 'Durga Sapthasathi', followed by Navakshari Mantra. Kumari Puja, Suvasini Puja and get relief of bad times of Dosha of our birth chart planetary positions during the time of good and bad. It clears all ill-effects of sorcery, women curses, overcome obstacles and fear of demise or death, give relief from misfortunes. 



  • Destroy ineffectiveness, bless happiness
  • Remove evil spirits, bestow disease free life
  • Attain success in business ventures, remove differences
  • Bless with courage and strength, defeat enemies
  • Strengthen bonding, overcome splits within the family
  • Remedies from serious illness, invoke good health, wealth and prosperity


Bheeshana Bhairava Homam - Keep Ambitions Cherishing, Remove Fearsome Death

Kala Bhairava is the main deity who personifies Lord Shiva is a powerful Homam which destroy the dark side of our life, defeating enemies, who be our guard of honour during our long travels, pilgrimage, who safeguards us from evil spirits and mystical powers, magical or bad chants. This Homam is performed on this Kalashtami day and bless us with good health, relief from hurdles and hindrances, in life.



  • Remove fear of death, bless long life
  • Relieve from sins of the past, bless with good health
  • Bless wisdom, remove ignorance and negative thoughts
  • Assures blissful life, free from financial difficulties
  • Achieve Desires, Conquer catastrophe, destruction
  • Destroy criticalities in life, bestow wealth and prosperity

Special Rituals on Kalashtami that Add More Significance


Mahishasura Mardini Puja - Remove Fantasy, Bless Good Health, Good Sense, Prosperity

Goddess Durga, killed Mahishasura, named as 'Mahishasura Mardini'. Puja to Goddess removes the sins of the natives, invokes blessings from " Kailasanathar" (Lord Shiva), bless atonement. Goddess Durga is also called " Durga Parameswari", clears all wickedness, confusion, misunderstandings,  fantasy, egotism. Bless devotees with peace of mind, harmony, knowledge, wealth, health and prosperity.


Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple Puja - Remove Evil Spirits, Protect Prosperity                            

Goddess Chamundeshwari Temple Puja is an auspicious ritual to be performed for the divine blessings, who presides as protector, a patron, a friend and a guide. This Puja welcomes her with a sweet smile into our house with a divine look bless us with safe opportunities in an executable form, turns as a guarding deity for all business ventures, presides over the marriage ceremonies, bless devotees with wealth and prosperity.


Bhairavar Puja at Piranmalai Temple - Removes Weakness, Imperfection, Bless Desires in Life

Piranmalai is the place where Lord Shiva has expressed his first opinion marrying Lord Parvati. Performing puja at Piranmalai to Lord Bhairava, is considered as ruler of the universe, who controls and directs time, clears all ill-effects, provide remedies to the struggles and misfortunes, bless  positive marriage vows. Lord Bhairava is guard of the region, removes the fear of evil spirits, negativities, bless family bonding, desires in life, wealth making and possessions.


Chamundeshwari Photo Frame for Wall Hanging and Pooja Room - Bless Peace and Harmony, Remove Wickedness

Chamundeshwari Photo Frame is an auspicious symbol of sanctity given after puja to devotees, blessed from sanctum of the divine heart and soul of the goddess. The Photo Frame is to be wall mounted in the Pooja Room energizing the house, shares a divine presence in everything.


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