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Kalikambal Temple Puja

Kalikambal Temple Puja - Remove Hurdles in life, Recover from Sickness, Bless Abundance


Kalikambal temple is in Chennai and devoted to Shri Kalikambal with her consort Lord Kamadeswarar (Lord Shiva). In this temple Goddess Kaligakambal appeared in her fierce form and now as a calm deity appearing as "Shanta Swaroopa" in the form of "Goddess Kamakshi". Performing Puja to Goddess Kalikambal blesses you with Prosperity in Life, Childless couples is blessed with Child, Cure Disease, long life and flourishing life.The temple has two entrances. The east entrance facing located at Thambu Chetti Street which is used by most of the people. The west entrance is located in Armenian Streer. Both the entrances have towers, with lot of images depicting the Goddess in different forms. The temple towers are constructed in 1980s. Goddess here is called Kalikamabal. Goddess Kalikambal is also knwon as Neithal Nila Kamakshi, Goddess Chennamman and Goddess Kottai Amman. Goddess Kalikambal is housed in the sanctum facing west direction. Goddess is found with four arms and in the sitting posture. Goddess Kalikambal sits in Artha Padmasana Pose holding pasa and angusam. At the foot is the Ardha Meru said to have been consecrated by Lord Adi Sankara.Presiding deity is called Lord Kamateswarar(Lord Shiva). There is a shrine for Vada Kathirkama Murugan in the temple premise. Lord Muruga look like northerner holding a shesf of grain. Speciality of the temple is a large shrine to Lord Natarajar and Goddess Parvati in the North East corner of the outer prakaram.




Bless life with Self-Awareness, remove Black Magic, Witchcraft, Evil-Eye

Strategize Life with Sound Health, Cure Prolonged Illness, incurable diseases

Bestow life with Financial Gains, remove debts, eradicate poverty

Bless the beauty of Self-Image, Curtail unknown mysterious and evil force

Negate past and present sins, solve court cases, make future bright and perfect


Temple Festival


Auspicious Brahmotsavam in the month of (February- March), Maha Shivratri in the month of (February), Arudra Dharisanam in the month of(December-January) are the festival celebrated in this temple.


Temple Opening Time


Morning: 5.00 AM to 12.00 Noon

Evening: 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM


Temple Puja


Kala Santhi Puja at 8.00 AM

Uchhi kala Puja at 12.00 NOON

Sayarachai Puja at 5.30 PM


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