Kamadhenu Gold and Silver Coated
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Kamadhenu Gold and Silver Coated

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Gold and Silver plated Kamadhenu statues


It is not a myth, but fact that Kamadhenu is a divine cow in female form, peacock feathers and wings of swan. She, the mother of all cows, grants the wishes and desires of one, whose mind and heart is pure and dedicated. In Hinduism, it is believed that the three Supreme powers of God, all forms of Goddesses & Saints and Muppathu Mukkodi Devars are residing in Her. Let Her glow in your pooja room where sanctity remains in your divine world forever.

Finishing: Gold Plating Lacquering + Silver Plating Lacquering
Warranty: 5 Years
Maintenance: Clean with dry cotton cloth. Do not wash with water or any cleaning materials.


Dimensions: H: 6.5in
Product Code:MI014
Weight: 1.75kg

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