Kamanada Eswarar Temple Puja

Kamanada Eswarar Temple Puja - Get Blessings of Eight Bhairava in One Place

Kamanada Eswarar Temple is located in Aragalur, Salem, Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity of the temple is Lord Kamanada Eswarar. Worshipping Ashta Bhairava in one place is extremely beneficial, Ashta Bhairava can be found & worshipped in Kamanada Eswarar Temple. Bhairava puja on Kalabhairava Jayanthi is celebrated in a grand way at this temple. This is the only temple in Tamil Nadu having like this Bhairava Puja. Get easy remedy for all your problems from this special puja.Presiding deity of this temple is Lord Kamanada Eswarar. The temple is famous for its Ashta Bhairavar Icons. In the Sri Kamanada Eswarar Temple, the vimana is of three levels and it has temple tank though dry for most part of the year. Kapala Bhairavar is located on the Gopuram. There is a shrine for Goddess Gajalakshmi - Lakshmi with two elephants on either side in this temple. Lord Bhishma Bhairavar has his own open shrine outside the central temple. There is a shrine dedicated to Lord Vinayaka in this Temple. Beautiful Lod Nandhi facing the Kamanada Eswarar can also be seen in this Temple. Ancient Kodimaram can also be seen in this temple. Bhairavar puja is celebrated in a grand way at the Sri Kamanada Eswarar temple on the 8th day after the new day (Ashtami) at midnight. This is probably the only temple having like this Bairavar pooja in Tamil Nadu. Ashta Bhairava Forms and their Special Qualities
Asitanga: Direction(East)- Worship this Bhairava who gives creative ability.
Unmatta: Direction(West)- Controls negative ego and harmful self talk.
Bhishana: Direction(North)- Obliterates evil spirits and negativity.
Chanda:   Direction(South)- Curtails competition and rivals and gives incredible energy.
Krodha:  Direction(Southwest)- This deity gives power to take major decisions.
Ruru   :   Direction(Southeast)-Divine teacher
Kapala: Direction(Northwest)-Ends all unproductive work and action.
Samhara: Direction(Northeast)-Ultimate solution to past negative Karmas


Bless Pure consciousness, love and affection, Remove Repulsion
Purify body and soul, Redeem past sins and karmas
Bless God Career Prospects, Remove incompetency
Liberation from Pain and curtailment, Remove obstructions
Free from Financial instability, Bless Stable Income and Gains
Remove calamity, catastrophe, Bless favorable outcomes, wealth and prosperity

Temple Festival

Auspicious Aarudhra Dharisanam in the month of January, Panguni Uthiram in the month of April are the festival celebrated in this temple. Every ashtami after full moon special pooja is done at midnight in aaragalur. Devotees worship for  Ashtabairavar here for all problems to get easy remedy.

Temple Puja

Kalasanthi Puja at 07.30 A.M
Uchikala Puja at 11.00 A.M
Sayaratchai Puja at 04.30 P.M
Ardhajama Puja at 09.00 P.M

Temple opening Time

Morning: 5.00 AM to 12.30 PM
Evening: 4.00 PM to 9.30 PM

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