Kanaka Durga Temple Pooja

The Kanaka Durga the Goddess of influence, wealth and generosity and the directing divinity of Vijayawada is crowed by lakhs of pioneers for adoring amid the "Navarathri" celebration which is commended with Religious enthusiasm and ceremony. The little yet old aged temple of Kanaka Durga, a top the Indrakeeladri slope on the banks of the Sacred waterway Krishna in Vijayawada overflows with legends of authentic premium.

Indrakeeladri is extraordinary in that it has been the abode of Kanaka Durga and Her partner Malleswara as Swayambhu (the self-existent one). Here Durga is one the right half of Malleswara as against the convention of Goddesses taking their position on the left of their partners. This demonstrates that Shakthi is prevalent on the Indrakeeladri.

Benefits of Kanaka Durga Temple Pooja

Free from sick impact created by malevolent.
Increase Prosperity in life.
Freedom from negative forces and evil spirit troubles in life.
Blessed with all success, riches and longevity in life.

Kanaka Durga Temple Pooja Timings

Sunday: 05:00 A.M to 06:00 A.M
Other Day's: 08:00 A.M, 11:00 A.M & 06:00 P.M


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