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Karthigai Somvar Rituals

Karthigai Somavar Grand Ceremonies

Escape You From Curses, Karmic Debts and Negative Energies & Find Positive Substances in Your Life
Scheduled on Nov. 18 & 25 and Dec. 2 & 9

Karthigai Month: Power Mondays or Somvar to Get the Exceptional Blessings of Lord Shiva

Karthigai Somavar is the Mondays in the Karthigai month which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. All Mondays are considered as the day of Lord Shiva, Mondays in Karthigai Month is very special according to Skanda Purana. Shiva devotees observe Karthigai Somavara Vratam, offer prayers, special pujas and rituals on these days to obtain the grace and divine blessings.
Karthigai Somavar Shivratri Special
Aghora Pashupatam Homam with 54 Sangabishekam
Scheduled Live on November 25, 2019 @ 6 PM IST

Aghora Pashupatam Homam with 54 Sangabishekam - Get Enemy Free Life & Perennial Material Wealth(Completed)

On Karthigai Somavar day, Vedicfolks planning to perform Aghora Pashupatam Homam with 54 Sangabishekam. Lord shiva has 5 faces 1.Sadyojata 2.Vamadeva 3. Aghora 4.Tatpurusha 5. Eshana. Aghora Rudhra is the third face of shiva he is the chief of Bootha ganas. This homam is done for Bootha, pretha dosha parihara (evil spirits), breaking the evil spells and for drishti dosha parihara. It protects your house and body  from  Bhoota, Preta, Pishacha, shakinee, Dakinee, Brahma rakshasa etc.
In Shiva temples, it is customary to perform Sangabishekam on Karthigai Somavar. Sangu (Conch), a symbol of wealth. Abishekam performs using 54 conch shells along with Aghora Pashupatam homam give perennial material wealth and the blessings of the Lord.
Aghora Rudra Mantra


  • It invokes the energy of Shiva to bring relief from negativity and indeed.
  • Helps to get rid of all kinds of bad powers.
  • To gain energy and strength.
  • Recover from mental illness.
  • Bestows all kind of material wealth.


Karthigai Somavar Pradosham Special
Nageshvara Maha Homam
(Jyothirlinga Series of Homam)
Scheduled Live on December 02, 2019 @ 6 PM IST

Nageshvara Maha Homam - Lord Shiva Fulfill All Our Wishes, Show the Correct Path in Life

Nageshvara Temple is located in Dwarka, Guja and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. According to Shiva Purana, a demon couple Daruka and Daruki, who was name Darukavana (forset), later known as Dwarka. The demon wife Daruki was a devotee of Parvati. A demoness worshipped Mata Parvati and performed severe penance. As a result of her devotion, Mata Parvati enabled her to master of the forest and renamed the forest as Darukavana. Daruka misused the power that Parvati had given to Daruki. One day, he kidnapped the great Shiva devotee, Supriya & imprisoned her along with several people. Supriya made Shiva Linga & advised all prisoners to chant the Shiva mantra "Om Namah Shivaya" to protect them. Daruka came to kill Supriya after known about this. Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Jyothirlinga with the name Nageshwar and Mata Parvati was known as Nageshwari. Daaruki & the demons were defeated & the remaining demons were saved by Parvati. Lord Shiva then announced that he would protect us in the form of Linga and show the correct path to those who would worship Him. After the Linga here came to be revered.
Lord Nageshwar is one of the powerful manifestation of Lord Shiva and Karthigai Somvar Pradosham is also the perfect time for sin removal as Lord Shiva is said to be in his best moods. It’s also a beneficial day to wash off all the sins and enlighten your spiritual self.


  • Provides relief from all the sorrows and miseries
  • Relieve one from sins and provide moksha
  • Blessed with abundant knowledge, wisdom and longevity
  • Destroy all the mental  stress
  • Grant peace and harmony in the persons life
Special Archana to Lord Shiva on All Four Mondays

Swetharanyeswarar Temple Puja - Pray For Better Life

Swetharanyeswarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in Thiruvenkadu, Nagapattinum district. Lord is worshiped here as Swetharanyeswarar. Lord Shiva took an incarnation as Agora Murthi to kill Demon Maruthuvasuran which is believed to be the place where this temple is located. The temple is also the house of Lord Budha (Mercury). By performing special pujas here Shiva, the Lord of the nine planet deities, allow them to freely grant wishes on you for getting better life.

Avinashi Lingeshwarar Temple Puja - Same Benefits of Worshipping Kasi-Varanasi Shiva

Mysore king family brought a Linga from Kasi, installed here & perform puja and other rituals in this temple. You will derives half of the benefits of worshipping Kasi Vishwanathar by worshipping Avinashi Lingeshwarar here. Derive lifetime fame, no rebirth and total salvation by performing special pujas to Lord here at Karthigai Somavar day.

Sathyagiriswarar Temple Puja - Welfare of the Children & Favourable Results in Marriage Proposals

Sathyagiriswarar Temple in Thiruparankundram, Madurai. Sathyagiriswarar Shiva also praised as Param Kundra Nathar. The temple also gained significance as one of the six army camps of Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga is praised as Soma Subramanya, Soma means Lord Shiva, the name representing the oneness of Shiva & Muruga. Special pujas are dedicated to Lord Shiva on Karthigai Somavar Sashti bring all happy boon, children welfare, marriage boons and freedom from all doshas.

Nageswarar Temple Puja - Get Relief From Adverse Aspects of Serpent Planet Rahu

Nageswarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at Kundrathur, Chennai. This place is also called as Vada Thirunageswararm. This temple is one among the Navagraha temples & the place considered as the Rahu Sthalam. The famous saint Sekkizhar built this temple & installed the Shiva lingam with Nagabaranam (snake as an ornament). The Shiva Linga got damaged & devotees replaced the idol with a new Linga. Lord Shiva apperaed in the devotee dream & ordered him to reinstall the original idol which was installed by Sekkizhar. Accordingly, the idol was reinstalled in this temple. Perform special pujas to Lord for relief from adverse aspects of Serpent Planet Rahu & realizing wishes.

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