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Karungali Lingam 4 inch

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Karungali Lingam (4")

The Karungali Lingam is a sacred stone found in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu.

Significance of Karungali Lingam

The Karungali Lingam is a sacred symbol of the Hindu deity Shiva. It is one of the most powerful lingams and is often called the "king of lingams." The Karungali Lingam is said to represent the cosmic energy of Shiva and is believed to be able to bestow great blessings upon those who worship it. The lingam is also said to be a powerful tool for spiritual transformation and can help one to attain enlightenment. The Karungali Lingam is held in great reverence by Hindus and is often used in religious ceremonies and rituals.

Boons of Karungali Lingam

Karungali Lingam is believed to be a powerful tool for healing and has been used for centuries by the local people. The stone is said to have mystical powers and is said to be able to cure diseases and ailments. It is also believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who possess it. The Karungali Lingam is a very popular stone and is highly sought after by many people.

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