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Katyayani Homam

Katyayani Homa - Get to Ring your Wedding Bells!

Katyayani is considered as the 6th aspect of Lord Devi who appears with 3 eyes and 4 arms to fulfill the desires of her devotees. According to ancient Vedic texts, Katyayani plays a key role in resolving problems of a girl to get married soon. Women who offer prayers and perform certain rituals may overcome delay in marriages. Katyayani homam primarily focuses on removing obstacles of a woman to fix engagements at the right time. It also shows ways for ensuring a happy married life by addressing exact needs.

Why Katyayani homam?

Katyayani homam is mainly meant for people who want to find their life partners in an easy manner.

This homam is a suitable one for removing the manglik dosha of a girl to fix marriage at the right time.

Moreover, it is possible to improve relationships in marriage life with this homam.

Another advantage is that it shows ways for reducing the malefic effects of planets in a horoscope to gain more benefits.

Benefits of Katyayani homam

Marriage delays are caused by karmic issues, wrong combination of planets and other factors which cannot be resolved quickly.

Katyayani homam provides methods for resolving them effectively to get engaged within short period of time.

It is an ideal one for women to identify their life partners without any difficulties.  In addition, it gives ways for experiencing peace of mind from martial issues.

Getting help from Vedic folks

To conduct Katyayani homam, one should seek support from a leading Vedic firm for obtaining optimum results. Vedic folks is a reputed Vedic consulting company which offers high quality services while doing this homam. Expert Vedic scholars and priests will help to organize the homam at the right time after analyzing the horoscope of a person. 24/ 7 support is available for booking the homam in advance. Vedic folks also show ways for getting the blessings from Katyayani for living a happy and married life.

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