Krishna Jayanthi Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Jayanthi 2020 Special


Lord Krishna with Sudharshana Chakra Homam

Cosmic Law and Order Destroy Enemies and Evil forces, Bestow Long and Stable Life, Bless wealth and prosperity

Scheduled Live Stream on August 11, 2020 @ 3.30 PM IST


Sri Krishna Jayanthi or Janmashtami


Krishna Jayanthi or Krishna Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of lord Vishnu. He was born in the midnight of the eighth day in the month of Shravana or also called as Avani.  As the Bhagawad Gita says, the Lord will appear whenever there is dominance of evil to annihilate to uphold unity, faith and righteousness. The day celebrates togetherness of people and establishes close bonding within the family and society at large. He encourages devotees to follow the path of truth by loving and living to the fulfillment. Sri Krishna is the 9th incarnation of the supreme God Maha Vishnu who appeared in the earth for establishing dharma and righteous path.

Importance of Sudarshana Chakra


The Sudarshana chakra of Lord Vishnu is considered as a powerful one which is mainly used for destroying demons and ill forces. Sudarshana Chakra is a disk-like sacred weapon, whirling in the hands of Lord Vishnu denotes most powerful weapon which destroy most powerful enemies, punish all evil forces in the form of asuras, rakshasas and vikrutatma and bless goodness and sustain Dharma. It is a cosmic weapon of Lord Vishnu which was gifted by Lord Shiva to Lord Vishnu, in praise of his devotion.

Sudharshana Chakra is a Vanquished, hold and use most Powerful Weapon fully obedient, who is holding in his Index Finger by Lord Vishnu was given by "Guru Brihaspati" according to ancient mythological story exhibiting the origin of Sudarshana Chakra, has the power of 108 serrated blades with a jagged edge, which can travel several million kilometers, which is  measured in "yojanas", in a blink of a second. This Sudharshan Chakra is used as a mystical weapon imitates Shadow Emulation Techniques, with a wide range velocity, paralyzing the shadows of enemies' on the spot, triggering the force of chakra flow after chanting sacred Mantras.

Sudarashana Chakra Mantra


Om Sudarshan Chakray Mam Sarv Karya

Vijayam Dehi Dehi Om Phat

Lord Krishna with Sudharshana Chakra Homam


Lord Krishna is the God of Pastoral Community, emerged from the blending of various forms is the avatar of Lord Vishnu. In Mahabharata Lord Krishna was identified with Lord Vishnu uses Sudarshana Chakra to kill Shishupala, who is the protector of child and son of Damaghosha, sect of Ghosi Yadavas. Vedic scriptures describe Sudarshana weapon as an omnipotent one and organizing Maha Sudarshana homam will lead to overall benefits for a person. Maha Sudarshana homam is equivalent to ten homams that show ways for witnessing major benefits in life to a wider extent. Worshipping Lord Vishnu, the supreme God on this day, is considered as the protector of earth, not only venerates the powers of Sudarshana Chakra but he blesses all for peaceful and harmonious life, warding-off all Evil forces and Enemies. This homam provides methods for overcoming potential threats and risks from evil forces in an effective manner. Anyone who wants to get liberation from life cycle (birth and death) can choose this homam for attaining salvation. Another advantage is that it helps to gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom by meeting exact requirements. Krishna helped Arjuna during Maha Bharata battle when fighting against the rivals. Supreme Krishna homam leads to more advantages by addressing exact needs. Lord Vishnu stood to the situations when threatened by the evil spirits, dealt very brilliantly, have liberated the mankind from the forces of evil spirits, saving the universe. Lord Vishnu is present everywhere, is present among us and worshipping will propagate astonishing benefits to the worshippers.



  • Ensure Financial stability in life by removing obstacles and financial burdens
  • Bless High levels in career and business, Bestow will-power, Remove depression
  • Bless Happy and Prosperous life, Gain knowledge and wisdom, remove ignorance
  • Attain success in all endeavors, Bless divine spirituality, remove Toxic revulsion
  • Purify body and soul, remove spiritless, Cure Disease, Bless joy and happiness in Life
  • Overcome Obstacles, misfortunes, bless abundance in Life
  • Blessed with Good Health, relief from misfortunes, bless boundless desires in life
Other Power Rituals For Supreme Krishna on Krishna Jayanthi

Lord Ganapathi Puja - Krishna JayantiLord Ganapathi Puja - Purifies Your Soul & Become Knowledgeable


Lord Ganapathi is said to be the remover of all the difficult times and is known to bring success and happiness in the devotees life. He is said to be the god who relieves people from Severe problems. It is very important to start the day with Ganesh Puja mainly because he blesses his devotees with health, wealth and a happy life; Helps in gaining spiritual knowlegde & wisdom to the devotees.

Santana Gopala Puja - Krishna JayanthiSantana Gopala Puja – Begetting a Child

Santana Gopala is the child form of Lord Krishna who blesses devotees to live a healthy life. In fact, he is the incarnation of Vishnu who helps for begetting an intelligent child safely by addressing exact needs. Santana Gopala Pooja will yield to various benefits for childless couples. It helps for giving birth to a child by resolving problems to a wider extent. This pooja also provides methods for protecting an infant from potential threats and risks.

Sudharshana Puja - Krishna JayanthiSudharshana Puja - Relief from Unexplained Diseases and Win over their Enemies


Sudharshana is the name of Lord Vishnu's wheel who uses weapons to destroy enemies and obstacles on the way. Lord is very powerful who helps his devotees to get protection from all the evil forces and enemies on their way. Performing the puja helps the deovtees to overcome health, financial and karmic problems; it is very beneficial to live a wealthy and prosperous life; Relief from the bad effects of the planetary disorientation.

Butter offering - Krishna JayanthiButter Offering - Pure Love & Devotion


Butter is something Lord is most fond of. Butter signifies the product of Spiritual Sadhana. To obtain butter, one needs to churn the curds. Similarly, the heart needs to be churned with love to bring out the essence of divine love. It is this product of religious sadhana that Krishna is very attached. So offering butter to Lord symbolizes the Pure, Selfless and Sublime devotion.