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Kuber Bhandari Temple Puja

Kuber Bhandari Temple Puja-Remove Evil Influence, Distress, Bestow Green Environment and Purity to the Universe
Kuber Bhandari Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Chanod, Gujarat, India. There is a mythological story behind about this temple. Presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva and his consorts with Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva was passing once through the thick forest around the shore of river Narmada with Goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati felt hungry and due to long walk in the hot sun. Goddess Parvati requested Lord Shiva for some food and water. As the food and water was nowhere available nearby, Lord Shiva thought that it would be proper if he himself stays there in the form of food and water so that all the pilgrims can have food and holy water of river Narmada in this thick and remote place. Lord Shiva stayed there adopting the name of Kuber Bhandari who is considered to be the Lord of food and water.
As per legacy, Lord Shiva was en-route through the jungles surrounding the area along with Goddess Parvati and seeing the absence of any food and water in the area, he made appropriate decision to always there in the form of food and water for the passing by pilgrims in this remote area. Since then, he has been adulated here in the temple as the Lord of never ending food, water, wealth( Lord Kubera). Devotees Worship for to get relief from health problems.
Bless Pure consciousness, love and affection, Remove Repulsion
Purify body and soul, Redeem past sins and karmas
Bless God Career Prospects, Remove incompetency
Liberation from Pain and curtailment, Remove obstructions
Free from Financial instability, Bless Stable Income and Gains
Remove calamity, catastrophe, Bless favorable outcomes, wealth and prosperity
Temple Opening Time
Morning: 6.00 AM to Evening 10.00 PM
Temple Festival
Auspicious Festival Maha Shivratri in the month of(February) celebrated in this temple.
Temple Puja
Uchi Kalam Puja at 12.00 Noon

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