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Kuchanur Saneeswarar Temple

Kuchanur Saneeswarar Temple Puja-Bless self-consciousness, remove ignorance
Kuchanur Saneeswarar Temple is an ancient temple located in Theni District, Tamilnadu. Lord Shani Bhagavan has appeared in Swayambu form in this temple. Worship Lord Shani Bhagavan here to get new opportunities in business and also get relief from Shani Dosha. A popular navagraha temple at the banks of river Surabhi in Kuchanur, Lord Shani is in self-manifested form enriches life of devotees by worshiping and dipping themselves in the holy river. King Dinakaran who once ruled kalinganadu, was under Lord Shani curse for seven and a half-years, sat on a penance to invoke the blessings of Lord Shani. Lord Shani appeased of the king's prayers at Senbaganallur, accepted his prayers and relieved of his curses and ill-effects. Doing archana at this temple will be blessed with abundance in life, divine thoughts, physically and emotionally strong, attain mental equilibrium.Kuchanur, a small village near Chinnamanur in Theni district, as does Thirunallar, has a separate temple for Lord Saniswara, unlike other places where He is part of the Navagrahas. Kuchanur is 30 kms from Theni, and 100 from Madurai. Kuchanur is famous for the Sani Temple, one of the temples dedicated to Lord Sani exclusively, without the other accompanying planets or a ruling deity of a temple is very famous pilgrim centre and one of the main tourist places in tamilnadu. It is believed that Lord Sani appeared in Swayambu or naturally appeared form in this place. Kuchanur also houses the Vadaguru Temple dedicated to Lord Guru which faces North. Kuchanur, a part of Chinnamanur Panchayat Union, is surrounded by channels and forests. Auspicious Adi festival (July-August) celebrated for five weeks and  Sani (Saturn) transit day is observed very devotionally occurring in every two and half years. A large number of devotees visit Kuchanur to worship Lord Sani Baghwan from Northern states too. Devotees offer relief from Shani Dosha and Bring Peace and Happiness in life.
Blessing from Ancestors, remove sin's and karmas
Bless self-consciousness, remove ignorance
Remove Negativities, Fulfill life desires, wealth and prosperity
Bless good health and disease free life, remove incurable disease
Bless peace and harmony, overcome hurdles
Bless Early Marriage, Child for Childless, Remove Doshas
Temple Opening Time
Morning: 6.00 AM to 12.30 PM
Evening:3.00 PM to 6.00 PM
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Navagraha Puja

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