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Kumarakottam Temple Pujas

Kumarakottam Temple Puja- Remove weakness, Bless Good Health, Prosperity

Kumara kottam is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Muruga located in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. The temple is also known as "Subramaniya Swami temple". The great saint-poet has praised Lord Muruga by singing the great hymns has graced the place with composing and singing, clear wickedness, audacity, bless devotees with peace and harmony, gain new skills, wealth and prosperity. The temple was built by King Pallava during 9 th century. As per legacy, Lord Muruga imprisoned Lord Brahma for his  igorance towards pranava mantra om and assumed the role of the Lord Brahma. Lord Muruga manifested here as Lord Brahma shasta, holding Rudraksha beads and kamandalam. Lord Muruga, later repented for rejecting his father Lord Shiva command releasing Lord Brahma and did penance here by installing Lord Shiva Linga. This Lord Shiva Linga is also called Devasenapatisar. This is the place, where the great scolar and poet, Kachiappa Shivacharya composed kandapuranam in praising Lord Muruga(Lord Subramanyam). The most important festival in this temple is "Skanda Shasti". Lord Muruga(Lord Subramanyam) is the main deity of this temple. Lord Muruga consorts with Goddess Valli and Goddess Devasena are found in the main shrine. There are people who believe that Lord Muruga in this temple was worshipped by the saint Agastya. One noticeble thing is that Goddess valli in this temple has four arms, where are other consort of Goddess Devasena has just two hands. In fron of te main shrine, you can find elepannt instead of peacock.

Temple Opening Time

Morning: 5.00 PM to 12.00 PM
Evening : 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM

Temple Festival

Auspicious Festival Skanda Shasti in the month(Augest- October), Vaikasi in the month of(May- June), Krittigai star day in the month(Febuary) are celebrated in this temple. Diwali in the month(October- November) will be celebrated in a grand manner.

Temple Puja

Vinaakaalam Puja at 6.00 AM
Sirukala Santhi puja at 7.00 AM
Kalasanthi puja at 9.00 AM
Uchikala Puja at 12 Noon


Guard from enemies, bless courage and strength
Relief from health Problems, gain long life
Enhance financial savings, clear loans, debts and jeopardy
 Gain self-consciousness, lock the power of bad chanting
Recover from physical and mental instability, bless peace and harmony
Remove evil effects, enemies, bestow abundance in life

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$ 90
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