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Kumarasambhava Mahakavyam of Kalidas

Kumarasambhava Mahakavyam of Kalidasa (1 - 5 Sarga)  
by Jagdish Lal Shastri       
ISBN (Paperback):  8120826604, 9788120826601
Price (Paperback): 750.00 INR 
Pages: 338
Language: Sanskrit & Hindi
Year of Pub.: 2016
Edition: 3rd reprint

About Kumarasambhava Mahakavyam of Kalidasa (1 - 5 Sarga):

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses is an excellent book introducing the essence of Hindu Tantrism. the book discusses all the major concepts and offers valuable corrections for many existing misconceptions. It also introduces the reader to the core Tantric practices of meditation and mantra recitation, focusing on the Ten Wisdom Goddesses (dasa-mahavidya). This book presents the meditational and mantric side of Tantra, which is the more common side of Tantra practiced in India. It is written from the standpoint of a practitioner and also from one trained in Ayurveda (yogic medicine). It tries to present the living spirit and practice of Tantra, rather than just another academic view. The book is divided into three primary sections; with the fourth as an Appendix.

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