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Varalakshmi Homam - Promises Wealth and High Rewards

Scheduled Live On August 24, 2018 6AM IST

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Varalakshmi Vratham: Immense Blessings Are Sure To Come Your Way

Varalakshmi Vratham is an important ritual followed by women, especially married. The goddess grants ‘varam’ or boons to her devotees who fast (vratham) on this day, 24th August, 2018. 

This popular festival is celebrated on the Friday before the full moon in the Tamil month of Aadi, Hindi month of Sawan and English mid July to mid August. Venerating the most popular Goddess Maha Lakshmi on this day means blessings are sure to come your way manifold because it is equivalent to worshipping Ashtalakshmis for the wealth, nature’s bounty, learning, love, fame, progeny, pleasure, strength, success etc. 

The splendour and significance of this grand fasting is narrated by Lord Shiva in the Skanda Purana and Vedicfolks is performing Varalakshmi Homam on the day.

Benefits of Varalakshmi Homam on Varalakshmi Vratham day 

Bestows Dhan (wealth),
                         Dhanyam (food grains),
                         Arogyam (health),
                         Sampath (property),
                         Sathsanthanam (virtuous offspring) and
                         Dheerga saumangalyam (long life of husband)

And also - Imparts one with all sorts of wealth
       Provides relief from poverty and debts
       Showers one with healthy progeny
       Guards against evil powers 
       Helps achieve success 
       Gives immense knowledge, wisdom
       Health disorders are addressed 
       Blesses one with patience and courage

Goddess Varalakshmi - The ‘Boon Giver’, Grants Wealth and Riches

Varalakshmi Homam on Varalakshmi Vratham day is propitious to invoke the blessings of the goddess who gives us all that we want. She fulfils the desires of her devotees and generously endows everyone with material wealth, good harvest, power and strength, off springs, prosperity, victory, comfort and luxury, success and good fortune. Her role is that of a mother who keeps her followers free of worries and provides them with abundance of everything.

Dhanalakshmi Puja - Fulfils All Desires 

Varalakshmi homam begins with the Haridra Ganapathy puja followed by Dhanalakshmi puja and get the benefit of abundance in their homes. By this, all your desires are fulfilled and peace, wealth and prosperity reign supreme. 

Sri Sukhta Homam - Removes Sufferings and Grants Wealth

This is a very powerful yagya performed for attracting wealth and prosperity. It is a boon for those facing financial crunches and greatly seeking wealth. The almighty divine mother is pleased when the Sri Suktham is recited. It is a glorious prayer dedicated to Yagya Narayana who is none other than Lord Vishnu. The verses adulate the beauty, radiance, and glory of all forms of Maha Lakshmi. She is greatly satisfied with this divine chanting and homam and showers her blessings upon her devotees. It is also a means to remove sufferings and problems in one’s life.

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