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Ashta Lakshmi Homam On Lakshmi Jayanthi & Vasanth Purnima
Receive Eight Fold Boons, Multiply Your Supplies, Prevent All Money Glitches 
Scheduled Live Stream on March 28, 2021 @ 6 PM
Lakshmi Jayanthi: Tributes To Wealth Goddess Fetches Big Money Gains, Wipes Out Troubles 
Goddess Mahalakshmi symbolizes auspiciousness, abundance and extreme beauty. There are many special references in Sanskrit that is very synonymous with the deity like saundarya i.e. beautiful, samriddhi meaning prosperity and saubhagya meaning good fortune. 
She’s bountiful with everything one needs in life she showers wealth, good fortune, knowledge, prosperity in every possible way. She keeps the coffers filled, pots full of grain, and she multiplies progeny or lineage. She also bestows inner wealth or innate virtues called sadguna that reflect the quality of the goddess. She manifested from the ocean during its churning by the gods and demons for the nectar of immortality. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu, the protector of humans and the one who maintains cosmic harmony.
Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes prosperity which exists in a variety of ways and so the goddess too is the giver of all. She bestows prosperity through eight unique forms that are collectively called Ashta Lakshmi.
AshtalakshmiHomam on Lakshmi Jayanthi is a propitious method to venerate an important goddess of the Vedas, it’s the day she emerged from the ocean to wipe out the troubles of man. It’s the perfect day to pay tribute to the goddess of wealth, the savior of humans. VasanthPurnimaalso falls on this day which is an auspicious full moon day that coincides with Holi, a festival that has great significance to Krishna and Radha.  
How The Eight Forms Create Positive Influence In Everyone
Adi Lakshmi: The primeval Lakshmi is the first to be worshipped and is symbolised for eternal wealth. There is no end to her supply of wealth which is never ending and keeps flowing incessantly. She is the embodiment of knowledge, cleanliness of thoughts and action, purity and source of consciousness. 
Dhanya Lakshmi:The mother who eliminates hunger by feeding them. She ensures a bountiful harvest and offers nourishment to the starved.  ‘Dhanyam’ means food grains and she is the goddess of food and sustenance and nourishes the entire universe.
Dhairya Lakshmi: Also called Veera Lakshmi, she is worshipped for courage and strength for overcoming all hurdles in life. By worshipping this form, one is absolved of all sins, abstained from fear, receive wishes and boons.
GajaLakshmi: The Goddess with Gajas or elephants is the most common form where in two tuskers are seen on either side of the goddess pouring water from their trunks over the goddess. She gives the power of royalty or known as saubhagya Lakshmi.
This form helps regain lost wealth and protects or upkeeps wealth, prosperity, grace and royalty. 
Prayer to Gaja Lakshmi 
Jaya, Jaya, Dhurgathi, Naashini, KaaminiSarvaPhalapradha
Shaastrameye, RathagajathuragaPadhaathiSamaavrutha
ParijanamandithaLokamathe, HariharabhrahmaSupoojithaSevitha
Thaapanivaarini, Paadhayute, Jaya, Jaya, He, MadhusoodhanaKaamini
Shri Gajalakshmi, Paalayamaam
Santana Lakshmi: The goddess of progenysymbolises fertility is invoked for growth of progeny. She bestows her devotees with wealth in the form of perfect children with good health and long life. The goddess graces those who honour parenthood and those who value children as a great treasure, she helps to raise healthy and happy progeny. 
Prayer to Santana Lakshmi 
Ayi, GajaVaahini, Moohini, Chakrini,
Raagavivardhaini, Jnanamaye
Gunagacaaridhi, LokayithaiShini
Sapthaswara Maya Goanamathe, Sakala
MaanavavandhithaPaadhayuthe, Jaya Jaya he,
MadhusoodhanaKaaminiSanthaanalakshmi, Paalayamaan
Vijaya Lakshmi: This form symbolises victory in all endeavours. She endows her devotees with success in all activities during different stages in life. She ensures triumph anywhere, everywhere and at all times. She manifests for the purpose of helping people to overcome impediments with grit and tenacity. She’s also invoked for her guidance on the path of spirituality. 
Prayer to Vijaya Lakshmi 
Jaya, Kamalaasani, SadhguthiDhaayini
Jnaanavikaasini, Gaanamaye, Anudhina
Vaasitha, Vadhyanuthe,
Jaya Jaya he, MadhusoodhanaKaamini
Vijayalakshmi, Paalayamaan ||
Vidya Lakshmi: She ensures 16 qualities imbibed by a person through education. Education does not only mean knowledge gained from institutions, but also qualities acquired from experience like serenity, absence of vanity, sincerity, adaptability, magnanimity, charity, simplicity, purity, equanimity, fixity, generosity, humility, nobility, regularity, integrity and charity. She also helps understand the potential locked deep within our intellect and brings it to the fore so that you can attain spiritual and material growth.
Dhana Lakshmi: She symbolises material wealth in the form of gold, money, buildings, land etc.  Her kindness bestows you with wealth and prosperity in abundance, prosperity and fortune. She is also worshipped for luxury, financial stability and blissful life.
The goddess favours those who work hard with no selfish motive towards money. So worshipping her sincerely is the secret of achieving financial stability in life. 
Ashta Lakshmi Homam Burgeons Assets, Removes Wealth Hitches & Grants Eight Fold Prosperity 
The Ashta Lakshmi homa invokes the eight forms of Maha Lakshmi for manifold and substantial blessings. The benefits of this homa can be physical, spiritual and psychological besides material in the form of wealth and prosperity of all types. 
It multiplies your daily stock of supplies by seeing that you are monetarily comfortable. The homa helps to dissolve negative emotions that result in clear and positive outcomes along with inner peace. The ritual clears hurdles in path of progress in life in terms of money, success or deeds or actions. Stability in every aspect like wealth, mental, physical or spiritual, is what the homa focusses on. It also gives overall prosperity with blessings of the eight forms. 
Combined Benefits Of Ashtalakshmi Homam
Dissolve negative emotions and vibrations around you.
Get eight types of blessings like material, progeny, success, valour, food, etc. from eight forms of Lakshmi 
Prevent hurdles in acquiring money, success, education and clears path to progress.
It helps to increase your coffers so that there’s no dearth of you daily needs.
Achieve big not only in terms of material wealth but also physically, materially and psychologically. 
Ashta Lakshmi mantra
Om ShreemMahalakshmiNamah
Get Relief From Financial Risks & Hurdles With Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple Puja
Goddess Shakti’s three eyes fell at Karavira in Kolhapur in Maharashtra. She manifested as Goddess Mahalakshmi in a temple which is also called the AmbaBai temple. Here she fulfills all her devotee’s wishes and grants them spiritual and material wealth. The Kolhapur temple is also known as DakshinKashi because it is the perpetual home of the goddess and her consort Vishnu. A puja in this temple grants all your wishes, it relives one from financial risks and hurdles. 
Enrich Your Space With Positivity By Lighting Mahalakshmi Lamp 
This brass lamp has a circular shield with the goddess picture sculpted in it. The Mahalakshmi lamp when lit transmits positive radiations in your space and spreads auspiciousness. Keep it in your puja altar or other work space to improve the vibrations and eliminate any negativity or evil. Get the blessings of Mahalakshmi for all round prosperity and well-being. Clean the lamp once a week to enhance its life and sheen. 
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