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Lakshmi Kubera Temple Chennai



Lakshmi Kubera Temple is a 500 years old temple dedicated to deities Laksmi and Kubera. Here, one can please Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and sheer purity, and Lord Kubera, god of wealth. It is the only Lakshmi Kubera Temple in India which is dedicated solely to Laksmi and Kubera. Never lose a chance to appeal to the gods of financial prosperity. Here you have a golden opportunity for attaining financial wealth by performing puja in the distinguished Lakshmi Kubera Temple. Subscribe right away for the puja and bring in all the benefits to your home.


Significances of Lakshmi Kubera Temple:


Worshipping in Lakshmi Kubera Temple brings in a good number of boons for devotees. Some of the most important windfalls of doing puja in the eminent temple-


  • Doing Lakshmi and Kubera pooja in this temple welcomes massive amounts of prosperity and wealth.
  • One can gain lost wealth and greet new monetary gains by idolizing Lakshmi and Kubera.
  • Both Lakshmi and Kubera are profound deities for bolstering economic benefits. By worshipping them in this temple, one can keep monetary difficulties at bay.
  • Doing puja in this temple also brings the utmost peace, tranquillity, and happiness in life.


Welcome treasure, harmony, and prosperity in your life by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera. You can contact us and register for a well-organized puja at Lakshmi Kubera Temple. Without developing any second thought, contact us and register for this harmonious puja and extract the best boons.


Lakshmi Kubera Temple timings:


In the morning, puja is performed from 5:30 am to 12:00 noon. And, in the twilight, we perform puja from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. The assigned period is the most auspicious time for performing puja. Seek the blessings of Lakshmi and Kubera by worshipping him in the most renowned temple by registering for puja with us.


Temple address:


Lakshmi Kubera Temple:


Near Vandalur

Chennai- 600048


If it is not possible for you to visit this auspicious temple, leave all the hassle on us. We will conduct a puja for you with the temple's priest. So, what else do you want now? Hurry up and Subscribe for this puja and unveil all the fantastic benefits.


Special note:


We will love to inform you that Templefolks.com is not a temple dealer. Our job is to make the temple's priest perform the puja for you abiding by all the rituals and rules. The amount we charge from you for conducting puja encompasses costs for buying prasad. The amount is used to compensate for covering transportation and shipping costs. Our team will try our best to deliver your prasad on time. Usually, we take only seven days to provide prasad at your end. If you are outside India, our team can take 15 days to deliver the prasad.


Templefolks.com is the finest team out there for conducting pujas without putting the consumers’ interests at stake. Register for the puja at pious Lakshmi Kubera Temple and get all the blessings at your pace.






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