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Lotus seed Japa Mala

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Lotus seed Japa Mala

Lotus Japa mala is a spiritual instrument used for worshipping. It is also known as Jamal gatta, as its seeds are derived from the sources of the lotus flowers.

Importance of Lotus seed Japa Mala

Lotus Japa mala is auspicious and immensely powerful. It curbs pessimism and fills life with glory. The mala can be used for meditating and worshipping. You can perform yoga or meditate with more dedication using this mala. It also plays an important role in worshipping the mighty goddess Mahalakshmi. You can use it while performing homa rituals and chanting mantras. Performing mantras becomes more productive and fruitful when performed using lotus Japa mala. Gain prosperity, bliss, and spiritual powers with this important mala and get endless boons.

Benefits of Lotus Japa Mala

Here are the main advantages of worshipping with Lotus Japa mala:

  1. Lotus Japa mala brings supreme blessings and positive energies.
  2. It enriches life with optimism and glory.
  3. The mala reduces negative or evil powers.
  4. It brings abundance and peace to devotees.
  5. It awards devotees immense peace and stability.
  6. The mala also helps attain knowledge and wisdom.
  7. It brings financial prosperity from all the streams.
  8. Meditating with lotus Japa mala enhances concentration levels.
  9. It also boosts spiritual growth and consciousness.

Product specifications

Lotus Japa mala has 108 beads. All these beads are extracted from natural sources. It has pure material and looks quite beautiful

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